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Associated academic staff


Dr Emma Anderson HIV-1 and HIV-2 replication
Dr Hans-Gerhard Burgert Adenovirus immune invasion
Dr Yin Chen Microbial amine metabolism
Dr Christophe Corre Discovery of new antibiotics from actinomycetes
Dr Orin Courtenay Epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases, leishmaniasis
Dr Katherine Denby Systems biology of host-pathogen interaction
Professor Chris Dowson Epidemiology, evolution and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance and bacterial virulence
Professor Andrew Easton Molecular biology and pathogenesis of negative strand viruses
Professor David Evans The molecular biology of RNA virus replication and evolution
Dr Elizabeth Fullam Nutrient transport and metabolism in pathogenic bacteria
Professor Vilmos Fulop Trypanosomiasis- Sleeping sickness and Chagas disease
Professor Laura Green Infectious disease epidemiology and animal welfare
Professor David Hodgson Improving antibiotic synthesis; Phage therapy
Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth Infectious disease dynamics: epidemiology and modelling
Professor Eric Holub Translational genetics of plant innate immunity
Professor Matt Keeling Infectious disease epidemiology in humans and animals
Dr Keith Leppard Virus interactions with stress and innate immune pathways
Professor Graham Medley Infectious disease epidemiology
Professor D James Nokes Epidemiology and control of viral pathogens of humans
Dr Kevin Purdy Microbial ecology
Dr David Roper Bacterial cell wall biosynthesis
Professor David Scanlan Viruses of marine microbes
Dr Graham Teakle Plant disease resistance genetics
Dr John Walsh Plant – virus interactions at the molecular, cellular, whole plant and population levels
Dr Liz Wellington Pathogen ecology and bacteria in soil; survival, activities and interactions