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MSc and mini-projects

  1. Patch-clamping as a functional assay for hormone transport in tissue-cultured cells

    A project supervised by Dr Mark Wall who is an expert electrophysiologist, and Prof Richard Napier who is an expert in auxin transport and signalling. Tissue culture and transporter protein expression will be supervised in the Napier lab, all the patch-clamp electrophysiology will be supervised in the Wall lab.
  2. Preparing clathrin cages from plants for cryo-electron microscopy
    A project supervised by Dr Corinne Smith who is an expert structural biologist and Director of the Advanced Bioimaging RTP, and Prof Richard Napier who is interested in clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants because the PIN auxin transport proteins are trafficked through this mechanism.
  3. Molecular recognition in deep binding pockets using mutants of TIR1
    The Napier lab has a strong record in research to describe how specificity is conferred by hormone receptor proteins. In this project you will clone and prepare mutants of the auxin receptor TIR1 and then evaluate how each variant affects binding affinity and specificity. The binding assay uses SPR.
  4. DNA aptamers
    The Napier lab is using SELEX to select ssDNA aptamers which bind to target small molecules. The objective is to combine these aptamers with carbon nanoparticles to generate biosensors. We are interested in projects which evaluate how well these nanosensors penetrate into plant tissues, and into which cells.
    For further details on any or all of these projects contact