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Welcome to Magdalena Karlikowska

Welcome to Magda who starts her MIBTP mini-project in the lab today. Welcome! We are looking forward to seeing some exiting results.

Thu 07 Jul 2016, 10:02

Welcome to Jonathan Fenn

Welcome to Jonathan Fenn who starts his MRC DTP mini-project in the Fullam lab today. Good luck with the project! We are looking forward to some exciting results!

Wed 29 Jun 2016, 10:43

New Paper in Open Biology

Recent work which has been carried out with Prof Del Besra and Dr Klaus Futterer (University of Birmingham) has been published in Open Biology.

The work has investigated the structure and function of a solute-binding protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and found that it specifically recognises amino sugars. This work is important in furthering our understanding of this global pathogen which results in the most deaths world-wide from a single infectious agent.

"Structural and functional analysis of the solute-binding protein UspC from Mycobacterium tuberculosis that is specific for amino sugars" Elizabeth Fullam*, Ivan Prokes, Klaus Fütterer, Gurdyal S. Besra: Open Biology 2016.

Wed 22 Jun 2016, 12:02

Quantitative Biomedicine Grant Awarded

The lab has been awarded a Seed Grant from the Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme . This will fund a postdoc for 6-8 months to look at quantifying nutrient uptake and localisation in mycobacteria using cutting-edge microscopy techniques. Watch this space for the job advert and please get in touch with Dr Elizabeth Fullam if you are interested.

Mon 18 Jan 2016, 09:39

Work highlighted in Chemistry World

Work in our recent paper with Dr Matthew Gibson in Molecular BioSystems "Discrimination between bacterial species by ratiometric analysis of their carbohydrate binding profile" has been featured in Chemistry World here "Bacterial identification gets a culture shock" and has been commented on by Professor Rob Field.

Tue 15 Dec 2015, 12:17

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