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Group Highlights

Funding Success

Dr Sascha Ott and Professor Murray Grant have been awarded £566K from the BBSRC Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund for their application 'PhytoBacExplorer: A Phylogenomic Resource for the Phytobacterial Community' to deploy the tried-and-tested EnteroBase system to create a similar resource for phytobacterial pathogens. It will allow users to upload raw sequencing data for automated processing and integration to place new strains into phylogenetic context and support functional characterisation and effector identification. The PhytoBacExplorer will initially target genome sequencing for 5 of the top-6 plant bacterial pathogens. In addition to new fundamental knowledge, the system will support early detection of emerging pathogens and thus upcoming threats to food security.

A new BBSRC grant has been awarded worth £798,000 to investigate nucleoside decoys - metabolic interference in plant defence.

In the News

Murray comments in Science|Business on the UK gearing up to diverge from EU on targeted genetic modifications in farming.Link opens in a new window

Read more about our work on ash here or watch Dr John Sidda discuss his research into ash dieback on BBC Midlands Today's Lunchtime News with David Gregory-Kumar below.

Research Highlights

CRISPR: A better way to 5-a-day

Chloroplasts do the darndest thingsLink opens in a new window

Banana, Fusarium, and American singer-songwriter Anastacia