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PRESTA Protocols - The PRESTA legacy!

Welcome to the PRESTA protocols pages. These pages contain a repository of experimental protocols including downloadable SOPs for many of the techniques we use, in addition to more detailed explanations for several processes. There are also a selection of experimental workflows guiding you step-by-step through the different stages in an experimental procedure for example, analysis of TDNA lines, guiding you through from ordering the lines, to genotyping and phenotyping them. Booking sheets for controlled enviromnemt space and the camera can also be found using the links below. Most important of all are the information submission forms which can be found in the right hand column. These forms should be used to request stocks from the archives and to request primer ID numbers and seed ID numbers.

SOPS to Download

Standard operating procedures to download

Index of Protocols

An A-Z index of all more detailed protocols and instructions available

Experimental Workflows

A selection of detailed step-by-step guides for various experimental techniques

Resource Booking

Booking sheets for the camera and controlled environment rooms

Resource Tracking

Primarily for the use of PIs - instructions for tracking all resources including seed, primers and glycerol stocks

Quick links:

Stock and ID requests:

Primer request form

Seed request form

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