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Inputting samples in 96-well format to barcode database

Login to the database as normal and select appropraite division. Although it doesnt actually matter which division you login to, it is best to use the correct one to avoid confusion when checking the column headings in the database and the input file.

In order to use the FluidX scanner you must ensure that the following items are connected:

  • The security dongle must be connected to the USB hub box
  • The USB hub box should be connected to USB port labelled 23 of the laptop
  • The scanner cable should be connected to USB port labelled 22 of the laptop
  • The scanner needs to be plugged into the power

Places the box on the FluidX plate scanner ensuring that position A1 in the box matches position A1 on the scanner.

FluidX scanner

In the main working area of the barcode database click on the BOX file icon. A Box file window will open.

Select Scan. A Box Scan window will open with the scanning settings (there is no need to change the settings).

Select Scan.

Inputting box file

After the scan is complete you will be asked if it is OK to overwrite the file, click OK and then minimize the excel file generated (it contains information regarding the plate positions and the barcodes associated but this information will be automatically inputted into the barcode database during the following steps).

Once the scan has finished a new window will open saying Results ready. Click OK and Exit.

Results ready

Check that the ID Box and Date have been entered. If the ID Box field says NO READ the you have the plate in the wrong orientation. Ensure that A1 on the box is lined up with marked position A1 on the scabber and start the scan again.

Select which vials you want to input information for by using the check boxes. Then click Add information.

Add information

Select File excel. Click Read (the spreadsheet needs to be saved as an xls file). Select your file and then click Open.

Select file

Once you open the spreadsheet you can see the information along the top of the Add information window. Check that the number of the columns in the spreadsheet matches the column positions in the grid for each field name.

For example: In the spreadsheet Group is in Column 2. So you must check that for the field Group, the column position is also 2. You can change this by entering the correct number.

At the end of this process click OK.

Check information

You are then taken back to the Box file wondow. Click Group Recording (it allows you to give a plate name that will then appear in the record for each individual sample/tube). If asked, select 12x8 box type. Choose a name for your box. Click OK.

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