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Fulfilling seed requests

When requesting seed a user should submit a copy of the (Excel Spreadsheet) Seed request form using the online form.

Seed requests will be sent to you by email.

Seed request

Users will find all of the required information in the PRESTA project database. The key pieces of information required are:

  • The Resource ID number (column F). The PRESTA project database and the FluidX barcode tracking database are linked by the Resource ID number.
  • Whether the seed is in the barcode database (column I).

If the seed is in the barcode database follow the instructions here.

If the seed is not in the barcode database in may be:

  • In Jesper/Sanjeev's boxes of homozygous TP lines (this will be noted in the Additional notes column in the PRESTA project database)
  • In the Threshing list (groups/hrisabr/PRESTA stocks/Seed/Seed for threshing.xlsx)
  • In peoples personal stock boxes (very difficult to find seed)

All seed tubes are in the cold room in the large blue lidded boxes with yellow clips.

Quick links:

Stock and ID requests:

Primer request form

Seed request form

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Please provide any feedback and requests for improvements using the online evaluation form.