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Finding and Ordering TDNA Lines

NASC Website

KO lines can be ordered from the following website for the Nottingham Arabidopsis Seed Centre (NASC):

On the NASC front page click on 'Search'.

NASC Front Page

Enter you AGI number of interest into the search box and click Search. I find it easist to search for one AGI at a time. When your search results appear click on the number in the 3rd column of the row entitled Stock Description.

NASC Search result

If there are multiple hits for your gene you will then get a list of lines. Click on a line of interest to see further details. Ideally you want to order homozygous lines. Some NASC stocks are not homozygous, however, if there is a homozygous version of this line it will be shown as below. Click on the homozygous line name and you will get the details for that line.

NASC Homozygous Line

Once you have found the line that you want to order click Add to Basket.

NASC Add to basket

Click on the Shopping Basket to see a summary of your order. You will notice that a £10 batch fee is added to each order. Therefore wherever possible combine your order with other people wanting to order seed lines. You can split the cost across codes in OPeRA.

NASC Shopping basket

You will then be asked for a Purchase Order (PO) number.

NASC PO request

You now need to request a PO number through OPeRA using a non-catalogue item form.

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