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Analysis of TDNA lines

We have a lot of resources listed in the PRESTA project database. Before ordering any seed lines, check whether we already have the line you want. If we do have the line you can request an aliquot as described below.

If we don't already have the line you want you can order it from NASC. Lines cost £4 each, however, there is a £10 batch fee for each order so if other people want to order lines, it is best to combine your order (you can split the cost in OPeRA if you have different cost codes).

Once your seed have arrived and been bulked up you should submit them for entry into the PRESTA project database. You need to request a Resource ID and provide the seed for entry into the barcoded tubes.

Many lines we have ordered state that they are homozygous but are not. It is best to confirm zygosity using the following protocols.

When you have genotyped your seed lines you should submit the results for update into the PRESTA project database. If you determine that your line is heterozygous/segregating and you select homozygous lines you should request new Resource IDs for the homozygous version. Please include "Homozygous version of heterozygous line ID x" in the Additional notes column.

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