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Marine Environmental and Climate Research

Summary of research interests:

* Biogeography and biodiversity of Indo-Pacific coral reefs, including development of wide scale reef monitoring programmes.

* Marine habitat mapping in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean (e.g. Sri Lanka, Chagos, several British Overseas Territories in Caribbean); Inter-habitat interactions including human interactions with the marine environment. GIS based coastal zone management development for lesser developed countriesscimage.

*Research on consequences, recovery or recurrence of the recent episodes of massive reef mortality in the Indian ocean.

* Marine biodiversity research, using remote sensing in tropical marine ecosystems.

*Investigation of community changes along pollution and sedimentation gradients, including the development
and use of new and powerful non-parametric menthods of analysis.

*Research linking climate data to marine environmental changes (expecially reeef areas).

*Funded to produces series of interactive cd rooms for biodiversity mapping and to serve as taxonomic guides.


Sea surface temperature: cs_sea_surf_temp.jpg

Charles Sheppard - Downloadable files:

reef Wave energy model  

UK SST data

Indian Ocean SST data

Arabian SST data

Caribbean SST data

Diego Garcia temp logger