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Soil Microbial Diversity and Functioning

Group Leader
Professor Gary D. Bending

Our research has two major themes:

1. Plant-soil-microbe interactions
BBSRC and NERC funded projects study the diversity, distribution and functioning of microbial communities inhabiting the rhizosphere and soil. Work is focussed on agricultural and bioenergy cropping systems.
Current major research projects

2. Environmental fate of organic pollutants
NERC, BBSRC and Industry (Syngenta and Unilever) funded projects focus on the bioavailability and biodegradation of pesticides in soil, and the biodegradation of chemicals in river water and sediment.

Bending Research Group

Current Group members

Professor Gary Bending
Dr Sally Hilton
Dr Emma Picot
Rebecca Southwell
Chris Hale
Nastasia Baudin
Chris O'Grady
Amy Newman
Emma Johnston


 Paxillus mycorrhizas