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Gifford lab news and events

News posted 12/09/18

Mingkee and Miriam are speaking at the #iPSB2018 - see twitter for regular updates. Fantastic venue for this plant systems biology meeting!

Mingkee in Roscoff

News posted 06/03/18

Please take a look at the upcoming 1st international Plant Systems Biology conference, due to be held in Roscoff, France this September! Applications for attendance are open now!

News posted 20/09/17

Warwick in Venice! WISB's 'Frontiers in Synthetic Biology' workshop 19-21 Sept

Miriam presented the work of the lab in synthetic biology, including plant cell type identify and the latest on nanodots, to an audience across research areas. Great science and an amazing location!

VeniceVenice 2

News posted 07/06/17

Today is the annual Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology centre review symposium - a chance to hear about all the science going on. Peter Morrison from our group will be presenting a poster on his work on nanodot delivery of small molecules to root cells.

News posted 04/04/17

Miriam presented work from the lab in the 'Microbial Mechanisms of Plant Pathology' session as an invited speaker at the Society of Microbiology 2017 meeting in Edinburgh.

Soc Micro

News posted 08/02/17

On the evening of Tuesday 7 February, our lab work was presente as part of a Public Science event exploring the issues of Food Security faced by the global and local community:

Plant Science evening

News posted 18/01/17

Plans (and plants!) are underway for our next Science Evening: "Keeping plant disease at bay" Tues 7th Feb.

News posted 01/12/16

Tim viva

Well done to Tim Coker - latest from the Gifford lab to successfully defend his thesis!

News posted 25/11/16

As part of a group from the Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology centre and Life Sciences, Miriam visited reserach groups at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, to develop new co-funded projects.

News posted 04/10/16

Miriam gave a departmental seminar at the Gregory Mendel Institute, Austria

News posted 02/08/16

Staff positions
The Gifford lab together with Patrick Schafer's lab in Life Sciences are recruiting for two positions on a new BBSRC-funded project investigating plant-mutualist co-symbiosis:

Postdoctoral research fellow - we seek an independently thinking and highly motivated candidate with expertise in both wet and dry bench experimental skills in the area of plant-microbe interactions, plant-soil or plant molecular development. See for details.

Senior research technician - we seek a highly motivated candidate with excellent organisation and communication skills, with expertise in plant-soil biology and large-scale biological experimentation. See for details.

For informal enquires or more information about the project, please contact Dr. Miriam Gifford:

News posted 07/04/16

16 of the country’s best young biologists came to Warwick this week for the British Biology Olympiad finals; organised by the Royal Society of Biology and sponsored by BBSRC. Miriam was involved in designing and teaching practicals on plant morphology, taxonomy and physiology. Their skills were assessed the following day with an exam in the lab - see below!

Olympiad plant teaching

Details of the participating students and the winning team of 4 students that will complete in the International Biology Olympiad in Vietnam this July are provided here:

News posted 06/04/16

We are officially launching the Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre today: industry showcase today and scientific theme discussions tomorrow!

WISB launch

News posted 19/02/16

Looking forward to visiting Dr. Christa Testerink at the University of Amsterdam next week, and to talking at the EPS Dutch Experimental Plant Sciences Symposium


News posted 15/11/15

Great visit to LIPM (Toulouse) last Friday - discussions on Medicago genomics, systems biology and genetic regulation of nodulation. Looking forward to future collaborations and joint PhD projects.


News posted 25/08/2015

Miriam presented lab data and tools (cell sorting and the Medicago IDEAS multinetwork) at the JIC Legume Symposium (27-28 Aug).

Legume Workshop JIC Sept 2015

News posted 28/06/2015

Welcome to Matt Teft who has started his MIBTP mini-project (and PhD thereafter) in the group!

Matt is fresh from helping to run Warwick's Cheltenham Science Festival marquee in June. This was part of his MIBTP Professional Internship for PhD students, and you can read his blog all about it here.

What If zone Warwick

News posted 16/06/2015

Preparing for June conferences! Bea will be presenting a poster at the SEB meeting in Prague (30 June-3 July) and Miriam will be discussing colllecting and managing plant data at the COPO workshop at TGAC Norwich (23-24 June). Reports to follow soon after.

News posted 11/05/2015

Miriam gave a departmental seminar at Cambridge University's Plant Sciences, in the The Sainsbury Lab (SLCU) auditorium last Thursday:

Miriam at SLCUSLCU

Beatriz and Miriam were both able to discuss our work with the Plant Science and SLCU groups there, and we are looking forward to returning soon.

News posted 04/05/2015

Miriam is in Heidelberg, Germany, to speak at the Plant-environment interaction symposium in the Symbiotic Interactions session:


News posted 21/04/2015

We had a very productive time at UK PlantSci last week - see pictures below of our poster presentations. Talks and posters will be online soon.

Lab posters

News posted 14/04/2015

We are at UK Plant Sci 2015 at Harper Adams University! Posters by Beatriz Lagunas (P28), Liam Walker (P21), Dafyd Jenkins (P36), Matt Jackson (P04) and talk by Miriam Gifford (Wed - Roots session). Please follow our progress on Twitter: @giffordlab and @BeatrizLagunas

News posted 07/04/2015

Welcome to Mingkee Achom who started in the lab today! Mingkee is a Chancellor's Scholarship-funded MIBTP student who will carry out her PhD in the Gifford lab, working on regulation of nodulation by microRNAs.

News posted 17/02/2015

Many congratulations to Roxanna Bonyadi Pour who has passed her PhD viva with minor corrections today!

Her external examiner was Dr. Florian Frugier from ISV-CNRS France and internal examiner Dr. John Walsh from Wariwck's School of Life Sciences:

Roxanna Bonyadi Pour

News posted 11/02/2015

Miriam is giving a talk at the Royal Agricultural University's International Rural Development Seminar today - there is a wide mixture of talks from industry and academics with an audience of end users, seed breeders and RAU postgraduate students who have orgaised the day.

RAU Legume symposium

News posted 12/01/2015

Welcome to Matt Jackson who started in te lab today! Matt is an MIBTP student who will carry out his PhD with George Bassell in Birmingham on plant shape regulation. He will spend the next three months with us as a mini-project, working on self-organisation of cell types.

News posted 20/11/2014

We were excited to be co-organising a New Phytologist workshop 'Developing interdisciplinary omics tools for organelle and cell type–specific analysis of plants' at Warwick to share our methods and discuss technique advances to enable single cell type and organelle proteomics.

Delegates came from the UK, US and the rest of Europe:

Workshop participants

In a lab carousel they experienced protoplast generation, cell sorting, imaging and toured our recently refurbished (with new equipment too) WPH Proteomics Facility.

Protoplast generationCell sorting

News posted 12/09/2014

The whole lab went to the GARNet 2014 meeting in Bristol: Miriam and Beatriz talking in the 'Physiology and Productivity session', Miriam chairing the 'Genome Biology' session (see below)....

Miriam talking at GARNetGenome Biology panel discussion

And Beatriz also presenting her poster .... and enjoying GARNet cupcakes!

Beatriz LagunasMiriam at GARNet 2014

News posted 22/08/2014

Miriam will be giving a Warwick Christmas lecture on the 8th of December 2014. Talk Amongst Your Cells

The aim is to communicate science and some of our research to a wide audience! Animals and plants are made up of many different cells that have to work together to enable living things to grow and develop. This means that cells have to talk to each other. Even the cells in a slime mould talk to each other! The lecture will be very interactive, with the audience playing ping pong and communication games to give them a cell’s eye view of trying to make themselves heard!

News posted 07/08/2014

Beatriz and other participants at the New Phytologist meeting!! Great talks and networking opportunities:

New Phytologist Next Generation Scientists

News posted 03/08/2014

We have a 12 month BBSRC funded bioinformatics PDRA post in our lab. For full details please see the job spec. The closing date is 14th August 2014.

News posted 23/07/2014

Beatriz Lagunas will be presenting her work at the New Phytologist Trust Next Generation Scientists meeting held at the John Innes Centre 29-30 July! An exciting opportunity to interact with other excellent early career scientists with talks from leaders in the plant science field. Look out for feedback on this from Beatriz via @beatrizlagunas

News posted 08/07/2014

The lab is back from an excellent SEB meeting in Manchester (1-4 July 2014)! Miriam was co-organiser with Malcolm Bennett (Nottingham University) for the three day session 'Roots for Global Food Security' which covered all aspects of root-evironment interactions and was a tribute to the career of Bill Davies (Lancaster University) whose legacy on the field was palpable.

Tim and Beatriz both presented posters: see Tim below, discussing his work on the cell specificity of plant-pathogen interactions. Also see @giffordlab for the highlights of the session.

 Tim Coker SEB meeting 2014

Brazil Synthetic Biology Workshop (9-10 April 2014)

Just back from São Paulo - Miriam participated in the Transatlantic Partnership Workshop on Synthetic Biology - a BBSRC workshop bringing together researchers from Warwick Life Sciences and Warwick's Synthetic Biology Centre WISB, University of São Paulo's BSSB Biomass Systems and Synthetic Biology centre and the University of Boston's CoSBi centre.

São Paulo São Paulo University Dept of Plant Sciences

Our visit ran in parallel to the UK Chancellor's announcement of the Newton Fund - a £375 million fund to promote economic development though science and innovation:

News posted 04/03/2014

Miriam will be giving at talk in Warwick's department of Computer Science on the 6th of March: 'Defining the scope of developmental plasticity using cell type specific profiling'. This is a joint session with Dr. Alex Jones and Dr. Patrick Schafer where we are introducting our biological research to generate interest in collaborations between our departments.

News posted 10/02/2014

Welcome to Beatriz Lagunas who has started and is already busy in the lab with her new project (transcriptional regulation and cell-cell communcation during nodulation).

News posted 22/01/14

Congratulations to Anthony Carter (PhD) and Tim Coker (MSc with Distinction) who graduated from Warwick in the winter ceremony today! Also to Alumnus Will Macnair (MSc with Distinction)!

News posted 04/12/13

We have just hired a new technician, Dr. Beatriz Lagunas (coming from CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain) and she will join the lab in February 2014.

News posted 14/10/13

The lab is hiring for a one year tecnical position to work on cell sorting BBSRC project: post details and application info.

News posted 07/10/13

Miriam Gifford is an invited departmental speaker at the Institut des Sciences du Vegetal (ISV-CNRS) near Paris on Friday 10th October.

News posted 09/09/13

Two new papers out in the last couple of weeks resulting from our collaborations with the Birnbaum, Coruzzi, and Purugganan labs at New York University's Center for Systems Biology. They explore the scale of plasticity in the root system of Arabidopsis:

Plasticity regulators modulate specific root traits in discrete nitrogen environments. Gifford et al. PLOS Genetics (2013)

Integration of responses within and across Arabidopsis natural accessions uncovers loci controlling root systems architecture. Rosas et al. PNAS (2013) 

News posted 25/07/13

PLOS Genetics paper just accepted on the natural variation in nitrogen responses in Arabidopsis..copy available soon.

News posted 18/06/13

Anthony Carter has passed his PhD viva with minor corrections, examined by Dr. Patrick Schafer (Warwick) and Prof. Sean May (NASC/Nottingham). Well done, the first PhD graduate of the lab!


Latest lab research news:

Welcome to Bethany Richmond who starts her MIBTP mini project (2nd April 2019) ... then on to her PhD research!

WATCH Miriam talks about research in the lab to 'IGGY Meets...'

WATCH our JOVE cell sorting video!

Images from our work:

Hpa oomycete infecting Arabidopsis leaf - Hpa haustoria in cells are stained blue:Hpa infection

Our New Phytologist Cell type specific proteomics workshop:

Protoplast generation workshop