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News and Events

We currently have a series of informative and interesting Public Science events planned for the future. Registration is free and each event last 2 hours, with a mix of demos, talks and poster sessions.

On the evening of Tuesday 15 November, Dr David Roper led a Public Science event exploring the issues of antibiotic resistance in our community as well as around the world. Supported by various academics from around the department including Professor Elizabeth Wellington and Professor Chris Dowson, several interesting and engaging talks were provided on issues such as resistance levels in our rivers and the search for new antibiotics.

The public were also given demonstrations on many key areas of research into antibiotics here in the School of Life Sciences including using 'electronic noses' to detect infection (showcased by members of Engineering as a part of the INTEGRATE AMR team). Demonstrations on how we can use medieval medicine to cure modern infections, how we can use bacterial viruses called Bacteriophage's to deal with antibiotic resistance and how/why TB is still killing people today were also showcased.

If you missed this opportunity to visit the School of Life Sciences, other events will be running throughout the year including:

The Fly Room- Arthouse film about the discovery of modern day genetics - 25th November 2016.

Food Security – keeping plant pathogens at bay - 7th Februrary 2017

The Microbiome - 18th April 2017

These events are a great way to get re-involved in the department and also learn some new things you may not have studied during your degree.

Please go to our Outreach Upcoming Events page to learn more and to sign up!