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Timothy J. Kaufmann

I have recently completed my PhD in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick. My research efforts combined the two fields of structural biology and neuroscience to investigate how disease-linked proteins affect neuron behaviour in the brain. Understanding the exact mechanism of toxicity could help reveal new treatment strategies for neurodegenerative diseases.

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Title: The electrophysiological impact of oligomeric alpha-Synuclein on thick-tufted layer V pyramidal neurons in the neocortex of mice

Supervisors: Dr Teresa Pinheiro & Dr Mark Wall

Funding: BBSRC Life Sciences Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) - 4 years.

 Warwick SLS Pump Priming fund.

Publication(s): Intracellular soluble alpha-Synuclein oligomers reduce pyramidal cell excitability, Journal of Physiology, March 2016. (Full article)

Timothy J Kaufmann

Timothy Kaufmann

Thick Tufted Layer 5 Pyramidal NeuronThick-tufted Layer 5 pyramidal neuron in mouse neocortex.