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Annual meeting of the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS): 16-17 April 2013, Nottingham University, Jubilee Campus.

In April 2013 I attended for the time the annual BSAS meeting at Nottingham University were I presented some of the results of my undergraduate research project. I volunteered as a technical assistant for the duration of the conference.


Limited resources, changing climates, the need for sustainable production systems and an ever-discerning public means feeding the world’s growing population is not an easy task. To tackle the challenge, global agriculture has to look beyond its traditional practices and adopt a wide range of the latest techniques and technologies available to them. This conference ooks at how innovative approaches to using bio-technology can help the world’s food producers reach their goals. Covering the full range of animal and veterinary science issues, the event gives researchers, teachers, students, vets and policy-makers to hear about the latest developments in animal science and technology.

Molecular Microbial Ecology Group (MMEG) meeting 2013: 16-17 December 2013, Colchester

The MMEG meeting aims to provide a platform for PhD students in later stages of their thesis work and early-career postdoctoral researchers to present their research in microbial ecology and environmental microbiology, facilitating opportunities for discussion and networking.

University Federation of Animal Welfare (UFAW) conference, Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science, 23rd June 2016, York
This conference offers an opportunity for this extended international ‘family’ to come together and discuss their work and thoughts and to keep abreast of new insights and approaches to better understanding and caring for animals. I presented a research poster introducing my PhD project.

Conference photo