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Current Students

Students in the School of Life Sciences have the opportunity to develop web pages as ePortfolios to showcase their research, experience and personal development.

View examples from some of our PhD students:

2013 intake:

Rachel Clifton

Fusobacterium necrophorum in sheep


alicja_dabrowska_icon.jpgAlicja Dabrowska

Opening up the black box of marine phototroph-heterotroph interactions.

radu_tusco_icon.jpgRadu Tusco

Autophagy; identification and characterisation of its key players and their interactions.

joanne_winter_icon.jpgJoanne Winter

Animal and human factors associated with control of footrot in sheep.

James Syrett james_syrett_icon.jpg

Improving agronomy in UK production of Narcissus.


2012 intake:

michael_baker_icon.pngMichael Baker

Biophysical and kinetic analysis of clathrin cage assembly.

muriel_breteau_small.jpgMuriel Breteau

The development of phage therapy to overcoming bacterial resistance in the case of canine skin infection caused by Staphylococcus pseudintermedius.

lauren_chappell_icon.jpgLauren Chappell

Exploiting Next Generation Sequencing to investigate the genetics of parsnip root disease and develop a marker assisted breeding strategy.


jessicka_hall_icon.jpgJessicka Hall

Intracellular ATP and the Purinergic Modulation of Seizure Activity.

liam_harvey_icon.jpgLiam Harvey

The role of natural enemies in regulating aphid populations on vegetable Brassica crops.

MuhsEileen Muhs

Environmental genomics and functional diversity of plant-associated microbial dimethylsulfide degradation in coastal salt marshes.

 Nitha Mulakkal

Mechanisms of autophagy during ageing and neurodegeneration

kathryn_styles_icon.jpgKathryn Styles

Investigation of microbial hormones-transcriptional repressors interactions to engineer novel inducible expression systems


Mary Tetlow

The role of pathogen effector proteins in altering host plant transcription


Mussa Quareshy

Compound screening and Selectivity in a Hormone Receptor Complex.


Roselyn Ware

Niche partitioning of bats in the UK.

Yijun Zhu

Molecular genetics and enzymology of microbial methylamine metabolism

2011 intake:

Laura Davies

The Potential for Evolution of Resistance to Glyphosate in UK Weedy Plant Species

Jennifer Evans Jennifer Evans

The Lyssavirus Glycoprotein: Investigating Correlates of Protection.

Hussein Gherli

Nitrogen Remobilisation and Utilisation within Oilseed Rape


andrew_woodman_icon.jpgAndrew Woodman

Viral and cellular mechanisms that influence viral recombination.

Mohd MuzafarMohd Muzafar

Genomic variation within populations of Dichelobacter nodosus in relation to ovine foot disease.

anjar_wibowo_small.jpgAnjar Wibowo

Epigenetic response and adaptation to salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana.

 serena_thomson_icon.pngSerena Thomson

Biogeography of microbial communities under changing land use management - with a focus on phytomyxids.

rachel_warmington_icon.jpgRachel Warmington

Pathogen diversity, epidemiology and control of Sclerotinia disease in vegetable crops.

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