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 img_0690.jpg  HRI  Library   WMG Digital Lab
Snowflake on the tree A corner of HRI Outside the Library WMG Digital Lab
 U HOUSE  img_2305.jpg    
The flowers outside Uhouse Science Park    



Spring of Leamington Spa
 leamington spa leamington spa 2  leamington spa 3   leamington spa 4


China Impression


It is an ancient town in the north of Jiashan County. It has a peaceful and beautiful entironment, with flat terrain and netted rivers. It features huge area and a large number of bridges, lanes, and ceilinged corridors.

 xitang  dscn8117.jpg dscn8068.jpg   dscn8202.jpg
A corner of Xitang The view of water

An old man is doing the cloth

fan painting

Teapot bonsai in someone's


dscn8036.jpg   dscn8043.jpg dscn8063.jpg  dscn8132.jpg 
Ivy crept along the walls

This woman is peeling


An ancient lock 'Lingjiao': a kind of vegetable



It is one of the important tourism cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritages.

hangzhou   xihu    
The west lake

A garden in west lake park





Beingjing-Great Wall/Summer Palace


dscn5394.jpg   dscn5387.jpg  dscn5477.jpg 
View of great wall I was on the great wall Spring in Summer Palace
Hainan Island

It locates at south end of China, and famous for the amazing beach.

hainan  hainan  hainan  hainan 



 greek greek