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Warwick Student Symposium 17th-18th March 2008

Warwick HRI Conference Centre, Wellesbourne

I attended this symposium last year as a first year student and submited my abstract.



The project will investigate the use of molecular methods to study the population biology of B. lactucae infection on lettuce. Molecular microsatellite markers which can detect B. lactucae pathotype in lettuce are available. An important area of the project is to develop further molecular markers and use existing marker in epidemiological studies to aid our understanding of factors which contribute to pathogen population change within crop systems. Another important aspect would be factors affecting population change by B. lactucae in response to cultivar deployment. Lettuce is grown in glasshouses before being transplanted in field. Standard race identification of lettuce cultivars as well as Insert Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) primers have been used to study the population of B. lactuca. Isolates of B. lactucae collection have been collected and cultured and three have been tested using race identification with lettuce cultivars. ISSR primers have been used in the projects to investigate the genotype of the isolates. These two systems will be compared and combined to study the key interaction between B. lactucae occurance on lettuce. A new gel system Elchrom 6% Poly (NAT) gel has been developed specifically for testing microsatelite PCR products. This gel system can resolve the DNA bands clearly. A fosimd library is under construction using DNA samples supplied by Richard W. Michelmore (UC. Davis, USA), which will be used to develop futher molecular markers.


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My Seminars

I gave an informal seminars as a PhD student in HRI last year.

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