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Photo of the Project



 Differencial test set Lettuce cultivars seedlings were grown in a plastic box shown After 7 days infection, was scored as '- ' (symptomless, no sporulation) or '+'(symptom presence), then according to van der Arend¡¯s denomination of B.lactucae isolates (2006), race of the isolate can be identified using the sextet code.



Lettuce seedlings were grown and infected every 7, and B. lactucae spores were harvested in 7±1 days post inoculation (d.p.i).

This photo shows healthy Cobham green seedling 7 days after culture



The infected of B. lactucae leaf 7 d.p.i (white dots are spores)




Electrophoresis of ISSR amplicons on Elchrom 6% Poly(NAT)® Gel shows that resolution and separation was better than the agarose gel and Spreadex EL800 gel. Clear banding patterns were seen on the gel. BL801, BL802 and BL803 showed different banding patterns on the gels which indicated that these three isolates are genetically different