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Rosie Atwood

Rosemary Atwood

PhD student at Warwick HRI

Background Information

I am a second year PhD student at the University of Warwick. After completing my BSc at the University of Nottingham in Applied Biology with a Certificate in European Studies (2:1 Hons with Merit). For my undergraduate degree I specialised in animal science. My final year project was on stereotypical movement problems in horses. I decided to gain experience in research by taking part in an internship in North Carolina, US. I worked for North Carolina State University and BASF Corp. for 4 months working on weed science in ornamentals.

I decided that I would like to specialise in plant pathology so I began a PhD in plant and environmental sciences focusing on the pathogens of oilseed rape and how they contribute to yield decline under a continuous cropping system.


 Research Project

Title: The Contribution of Pathogens to Yield Decline Following Continuous Cropping of Oilseed Rape.

 Aims and Objectives: The aims of this project are to isolate and identify pathogens that potentially lead to yield decline in oilseed rape. Two principle methods will be employed: standard laboratory techniques of isolating and culturing pathogens and molecular diagnostics. The final aim is to investigate the changes of soil and rhizosphere microbial populations and the development of yield decline will be determined.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Mills

Funding: HGCA and BSPP

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Personal Information

I enjoy a wide range of sports and activites in addition to my time studying. I am particularly keen on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


In the lab

Sampling OSR in Norfolk


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