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This page summarises all the conferences and meetings I have attended since starting my PhD in November 2007:

Biological Sciences Student Symposium May 2009

I attended this symposium and won the prize for best poster.

Click here to view my poster

HGCA Student Symposium April 2009

This symposium was exclusively for HGCA funded students. It was an excellent opportunity to see what the other students were working on around the country.

HRI student Symposium April 2009

All the postgraduates at HRI attended this symposium. Second year students presented a poster. Below is the poster I designed to advertise the symposium:

HRI student symposium poster

Break Crops Workshop 24th June 2008

This conference was orgainised by the BSPP at PGRO, Peterborough. Held in association with PGRO and HGCA. This workshop aimed at pathologist of breakcrops such as oilseed rape, peas and beans.

HRI Students Symposium 2008

This symposium was for all the HRI students to present their work. I won the prize for the best photo which was used for the cover of the symposium booklet. Click here to view the winning photo.

North East Weed Science Society AGM January 2008

I went to this conference in Philadelphia, USA to present research on a study that I had been working on whilst in America. It was a joint project between North Carolina State University and BASF Corp. looking at the residual weed control of a new herbicide from BASF in ornamentals.

HGCA Student Symposium 2009