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Curriculum Vitae


2009-2013: PhD in Environmental Sciences, University of Warwick.

Dissertation: The impact of light on pesticide degradation and soil microbial community composition

Achievements: Transferable skills certificate, Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme, Science and Communication course, Networking and Team Management course, CASE studentship year in industry at Syngenta, and BBSRC Science Policy fellowship at The National Assembly for Wales

Skills: Analytical chemistry using high performance liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Microbial ecology using culturing, DNA/RNA extraction, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism, 454 pyrosequencing, meta-transcriptome analysis of functional genes

Statistics using non metric multidimensional scaling, Minitab and Genstat.


2008-2009: MSc in Soils and Contaminated Land, University of Reading. Class: Distinction

Dissertation: The impact of zinc on p-nitrophenol biodegradation by Pseudomonas putida SoT02.

Achievements: Top dissertation grade of the year group

Skills: Risk assessment and remediation of contaminated land. Background in environmental chemistry, biology and physics.

2004-2007: BSc in Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield. Class: 2.1.

Dissertation: The control of Striga hermonthica in sub-saharan Africa

2001-2003: A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Mathematics (AS level)


Work Experience:

January – April 2012: Placement at The National Assembly for Wales: Research Service.

Skills: The placement helped me gain an insight into the procedures involved in creating and implementing science policy. The placement involved preparation of research papers, summarising Green Paper reports, answering enquiries from Assembly Members, preparing briefing notes for petitions committees, and preparing reports for the Environment and Sustainability Committee.

November – October 2009/2010: CASE studentship year in industry at Syngenta

Skills: The placement provided an insight into the relationship between industry and regulators, and provided valuable knowledge on the life history of pesticides from conception to marketing. Particular emphasis was placed on testing the safety of pesticides both to human health and the environment. Specific skills were gained in high performance liquid chromatography, working with 14C-radionuclides, and analysing the transformation and compartmentalisation of pesticides in soil.

February – August 2008: Chemistry Technician, King Edward VII School, Sheffield

Skills: Working as part of a team and to deadlines. Organisational skills were gained when I had to prepare the end of year A level practical laboratory exam for over 100 pupils.

September – February 2007-2008: Data Processing, Santander, Sheffield

Skills: Telephone and communication skills were developed throughout my role.



Squash and Science: I like to keep fit by playing squash. I have a general interest in science outside of my field and enjoy reading about new discoveries.



Academic: Dr Gary Bending, Senior Research Scientist, University of Warwick. E-mail: Phone: 024 7657 5057.

Work: Mr Graham Winter, Research Team Leader: Environment and Transport, National Assembly for Wales. Email: Phone: 029 2089 8166.