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Personal Development


- NERC MSc Funding Award

- BBSRC Fellowship in Science Policy

- Transferable Skills Certificate (2009-2013)



- Davies, LO et al. Non-UV light influences the rate of crop protection product degradation. Environmental Science and Technology. In Press.

- Davies LO et al. Light structures phototroph, bacterial and fungal communities at the soil surface. PLoS ONE. In Press.

- Davies LO. Energy from Waste. National Assembly for Wales. 12/015.

- Davies LO. Micro Electricity Technologies. National Assembly for Wales. 12/028

Selected Presentations

- Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Seville. 23rd-27th May, 2010. Poster

- Warwick Micro Seminar. 10th May, 2010. Presentation

- Horticultural Research International Symposium. Wellesbourne. 3rd-5th June, 2010. Poster

- Warwick Micro Seminar. 5th November, 2010. Presentation

- Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Milan. 15th-19th May, 2011. Presentation

- British Society of Soil Science. London. 19th-20th July, 2011. Poster

- Syngenta Open Day. Bracknell. 4th-5th October, 2011. Presentation

- Molecular Microbial Ecology Group Meeting. 13th-14th December, Portsmouth. Presentation

- British Society of Soil Science. Nottingham. 4th-5th September, 2012. Presentation

- Syngenta Open Day. Bracknell. 18th-19th October, 2012. Presentation

- Warwick Life Sciences Symposium. Coventry. 18th-20th March, 2013. Presentation.

- Biocrust 2013. Madrid. 11th-14th June, 2013. Presentation

- Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air. York. 2nd-4th September, 2013. Presentation (upcoming)

Training Courses

- Organised a networking event for analysis of complex microbial data (2012)

- National Assembly for Wales Research Service 3 month placement (2012)

- Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme 3-day Course (2011)

- Science and Communication 3-day Course (2011)

- NERC Biolinux 1-day Course (2011)

- Networking and Team Managment 3-day Course (2010)

- Industry Placement at Syngenta for 1-year (2009-2010)


Teaching Experience

- Supervising Masters students, undergraduates and URSS Summer projects (2009-2013)

- Teaching undergraduate students 'Bacterial Genetics' for 6 months



- Squash

- Science

- Travelling

- Cooking