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Personal Development

Visit to the Cameron lab at Penn State University, U.S.A

In November of 2014 I had the privelege of spending three weeks in the lab of Professor Craig. E. Cameron at Penn State ( The main aims of the visit were to learn and appreciate a system utlised by the lab that looks at the biochemistry of genetic recombination. Experiments were devised and carried out that highlighted the role played by the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) in RNA template transfer. A fantastic experience!

Andrew hard at work

Life Science Doctoral Training programme (October 2011- July 2012)

I was fortunate to receive a 4-year BBSRC funded studentship. An aspect of the studentship involved a 9-month training programme specifically designed for new Ph.D candidates (Warwick DTG programme). The modules undertaken covered the following areas:

  • A: Research techniques in Life Sciences
  • B: Instrumentation for Life Sciences
  • C: Mathematics in Life Sciences
  • D: Public Awareness in Science

Skills in experimental design, instrument usage, statistics and ethical considerations were gained via taught and lab based lectures. I have also completed two lab based mini-research projects, one within the Laboratory of Dr. Lorezo Frigerio (Frigerio Lab) looking at Reticulon isoforms and their influence upon E.R structure, and one within my current Lab.

PhD Monitoring and Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills (July 2012 - )

The aim of the certificate is to help me be a successful doctoral researcher and to be even more successful in my post-doctoral career. Warwick University's aim is to not only guide a student into world leading research projects but also to help the student to understand what they know and how to use that to maximum effect in their project and beyond. A specific programme has been developed for students (PostGrad Certificate in Transferable Skills) that aims to address all of these needs.

Virology Seminars

All students are actively encouraged by their supervisers within the Virology department to give frequent seminars to their colleagues. To date (November 2014), I have given six 45 minute talks to the Virology groups at Warwick. This has increased my confidence in oral presentation and also provides an opportunity for feedback from others.


1. March 2013. Society for General Microbiology (SGM) annual conference, Manchester, U.K.

2. March 2014. Europic. Blankenburge, Belgium.

3. April 2014. Society for General Microbiology (SGM) annual conference, Liverpool, U.K.

4. April 2015. Society for Microbiolgy (SGM) annual conference, Birmingham, U.K.



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