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Demonstrator - 3rd Year Undergraduate laboratory class (Virology) October 2012, October 2013 and October 2014

Postgraduate students are actively encouraged to gain experience in teaching. I was fortunate enough to spend five weeks with a final year undergraduate group looking at genetic drift in Influenza virus under the leadership of Professor Andrew Easton and Professor David Evans. The ability of the group was mixed which provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Feedback from the group was extremely positive.

Co-Supervisor of final year research project students - May-June 2013 and May-June 2014

Many undergraduates undertake a laboratory based research project in their final year. The Evans lab prides itself with providing projects that are novel and interesting. The projects actively encourage thoughtful experimental design alongside 'hands on' experience for the student. My role was to oversee and teach the laboratory aspect of the project and discuss any results or problems that the students may have experienced. A very rewarding experience!