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2012 Papers:

Evans, J.S., Horton, D.L., Easton, A.J., Fooks, A.R., and Banyard, A.C. Rabies virus vaccines: Is there a need for pan-lyssavirus vaccines? (2012) Vaccine, 30 (52): 7447-7454

2014 Papers: 

Banyard, A.C., Evans, J.S., Luo, T.R. and Fooks, A.R. Lyssaviruses and bats: emergence and zoonotic threat (2014) Viruses, 6 (8): 2974-2990

Book Chapters:

Evans, J.S., Fooks, A.R., and Banyard, A.C. Chapter 14 The Lyssaviruses in Manual of Security Sensitive Microbes and Toxins. Liu, D., Editor (2014)