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Personal Development

Research Student Skills Programme Workshops
  • Data Mining with iPlant, 17th -20th September 2013, Warwick University.

A 4-day workshop running by the iPlant Collaborative involves in a number of lectures and tutorials to introduce iPlant Discovery Environment and Atmosphere in order to handle all aspects of bioinformatics workflows, in addition, to provide training in depth on how to use iPlant CyberInfrastructure for RNAseq and Genome-Wide Association studies, and inference of genetic networks by establishing virtual machines connected with cloud computing resources and high performance computing power.

  • Academic Scientific Writing: Writing extended scientific articles and reports, Senate House, Warwick University 2013.

This is a 9-week course essentially focus on writing extended scientific articles and reports by exploring specific features of science papers such as referring to literature, outlining methodology, and presenting results and conclusion.

  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Warwick University, 2013.
  • Team Working in a Research Environment, 11th - 13th 2012, Millburn House, Warwick University.

A 3-day course focus on the role of teams within the research environment in order to improve and create quality output.

  • How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal, 4th May 2012, Senate House, Warwick University.
  • Academic Writing - Understanding Academic Writing, 11th January 2012, Ramphal Building, Warwick University.
  • Effective Communication, Having Productive Conversations, 21st October 2011, University House, Warwick University.
Conferences and Meeting
  • Warwick Crop Centre Open Afternoon Innovation – better ways of growing crops. 25th September 2014 Warwick crop centre, Wellesbourne campus, Warwick University (poster presentation).
  • Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Annual Meeting 2014, Manchester University, UK, 1st - 4th July 2014 (Poster Presentation).
  • 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop and Brassica 2014, Wuhan, Hubei province, China, 30th- 2nd April 2014 (Poster Presentation).
  • UK Brassica Research Community (UK BRC) Annual Meeting:

 17th May 2011 Plant and Crop sciences division, University of Nottingham
 9th May 2013 Rothamsted Research
 15th May 2014 Warwick Crop Centre, Wellesbourne campus, University of Warwick.

  • Life Sciences Postgraduate Students Symposium: School of Life Sciences, Warwick University.

 26th - 28th March 2012 (Abstract)
 18th - 20th March 2013 (poster presentation)
 24th - 26th March 2014 (talk presentation)

  • Novel Technologies for Live Cell Imaging: Scarman House, Warwick University, 21st September 2012.