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My Teaching

Introduction to Teaching and learning in Higher Education.

A one-day workshop running by the Learning and Development Centre (LDC) at Warwick University is based on the following main topics: how students learn, small group teaching, assessment & feedback, and tackling challenging situations.

PostGraduate Award (PGA) Teaching and learning in Higher Education

I am currently doing the PostGraduate Award course at Warwick University . I have attended, so far, two 5-hour workshops (Enhancing skills in small group teaching, Lecturing, assessment and research-based learning) and other five 1.5-hour workshops (Reflecting on your teaching and reflective writing, Teaching inclusively (online activity and group session), Motivating Students beyond the Classroom, What does it mean to teach? Reflections on Teaching Practice, Introduction to E-Learning). By the end of this course, participants have to develop a portfolio of the following tasks with reflective comments on each one: observing an experienced colleague, being observed by your mentor, giving feedback to student, collecting feedback from students, a session plan and a teaching philosophy statement.

Quantitative Biology Centre (QuBiC) Mentor

School of Life Science, Warwick University (2014/2015)

QuBic provides support to undergraduate students for Mathematics and Statistics required during their study course by one-to-one and small group teaching. And also, supporting the final year students to understand and analyse any quantitative data generated throughout their project.

Undergraduate Laboratory Demonstrator

School of Life Science, Warwick University (2012 -present)

Demonstrating in the second year bioinformatics practical (2014-present).
Demonstrating in the first year quantitative skills for biology module (2013 - present). Including marking student script. Demonstrating in the first year biochemistry module (2012 - present), including marking student reports and giving feedback.
Demonstrating in the second year molecular plant development (2013 & 2014).
Demonstrating in the second year bioinformatics dry techniques practical (2013). Including marking student script and giving feedback.

Teaching Assistant

Crop Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University 2008- 2010.

Teaching in the practical part of the 3rd year undergraduate Crop Production module. Including student assessment by exams and seminars.