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Anjar Wibowo

Hello, welcome to my eportfolio

I am PhD graduate from School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick. During my PhD I worked at Epigenetic control of plant development group under Dr Jose Gutierrez-Marcos supervision. For my PhD I work in a project about epigenetic response and adaptation to salt stress in plants. I also work in a project to evaluate the effect of somatic regeneration to plants phenotypes and molecuar landscape.

Before doing my PhD I did Master study at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. During my master study I worked in a project about Genome engineering with Transcription Activator Like Effector(TALE)-based hybrid nuclease.

The title of my PhD thesis is:

Epigenetic response and adaptation to salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana


Because of their sessile lifestyle, plants are constantly exposed to various abiotic and biotic stresses. Plants requires effective short-term and long-term strategies to cope with these stresses. One of the strategies developed by plants is the modification of the gene expression pattern both spatially and temporally through DNA methylation and histone modification. Several studies have shown that most of epigenetic modification induced by stress stimuli will be returned to the basal levels after the stress disappear, while others may remain stable and passed down to the next generation as transgenerational stress memory.

The purpose of my PhD study is to evaluate the impact of multigenerational salt stress treatments on the epigenome of plants and plant’s tolerance level to salt stress. During my PhD I have analyzed epigenetic modifications that occur in plants exposed to salt stres for five constitutive generations. I found that stress-induced epigenetic modifications were correlates with plant’s tolerance to salt stress. Defining the role of an epigenetic regulation of gene expression in adaptation to abiotic stress will provide new targets for improving plant tolerance to abiotic stress and enhance our capacities for crop improvement.

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Anjar Wibowo

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