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Li L, Piatek MJ, Atef A, Piatek A, Wibowo A, Fang X, Sabir JSM, Zhu JK, Mahfouz MM. Rapid and highly efficient construction of TALE-based transcriptional regulators and nucleases for genome modification. Plant Molecular Biology 2012; 78:407-416. Link to paper. Link to paper

Mahfouz MM, Li L, Shamimuzzaman M, Wibowo A, Fang X, Zhu JK. De novo engineered transcription activator-like effector (TALE) hybrid nuclease with novel DNA binding specificity creates double-strand breaks. Proceeding of the National Academy of Science USA 2011; 108:2623-8. Link to paper

Listiawan DAE, Indraning ANS, Wibowo A, Darojat UWJ, Daryono BS. Perwinkle(Catharanthus roseus L.) Extract as Polyploid Inducing Agent in Plants.Journal of Biology 2009; Vol. 5 (4): 423-430