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Serena Thomson

Title of PhD: Biogeography of microbial communities under changing land use management - with a focus on phytomyxids.

My PhD aims to:

1. Investigate the drivers of a number of microorganisms in the soil under set aside and arable conditions.

2. Determine the diversity and structure of a range of microbial communities under changing land use.

3. Determine the impact of crop rotations, host material and time of year on phytomxyids diversity.

A large part of my PhD will focus on the largely unknown world of phytomyxids - a group of obligate, biotrophic protists. Although known to occur in aquatic and terrestial environments, current knowledge has focussed on their role as parasites of agriculturally important crop plants ie oil seed rape. I'm interested in finding out more about the diversity of the group in the soil under varying conditions and possible implications for crop health and future management. Multiple agricultural systems will be investigated in the wider context of the microbial community.

Department: Life Sciences.

Start date: October 2011,

Supervisors: Gary Bending, University of Warwick; David Bass, Natural History Museum; Christopher van der Gast, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).

Funding: NERC, Natural History Museum

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Portrait Serena Thomson

Serena Thomson

Serena dot Thomson at warwick dot ac dot uk