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Much of my research to date has relied on the bioinformatics pipeline QIIME (Quantitative Insights into Microbial Community Analysis), pronounced CHIME. This pipeline enables the analysis of high throughput data for a range of sequence data. I have used it for both 18S and 16S sequence data.

QIIME allows analysis of high-throughput community sequencing data

J Gregory Caporaso, Justin Kuczynski, Jesse Stombaugh, Kyle Bittinger, Frederic D Bushman, Elizabeth K Costello, Noah Fierer, Antonio Gonzalez Pena, Julia K Goodrich, Jeffrey I Gordon, Gavin A Huttley, Scott T Kelley, Dan Knights, Jeremy E Koenig, Ruth E Ley, Catherine A Lozupone, Daniel McDonald, Brian D Muegge, Meg Pirrung, Jens Reeder, Joel R Sevinsky, Peter J Turnbaugh, William A Walters, Jeremy Widmann, Tanya Yatsunenko, Jesse Zaneveld and Rob Knight; Nature Methods, 2010; doi:10.1038/nmeth.f.303

The paper linked with this citation can be found here. To access the data for this paper, follow this link.