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Curriculum Vitae

University Education

  • University Of Leicester September 2008 - July 2012
    • Degree: Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MChem with year in industry)
    • Grade: First Class Honours
    • MChem Project: Under supervision of Dr Andrew Jamieson; conjugation of synthetic peptides to DNA scaffolds to understand amyloid aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Summer 2008; University of Leicester Undergraduate Scholarship Award, awarded to best 15 out of all international students applying to the university.
  • Summer 2009; The Oxford University Press achievement in Chemistry; awarded to best performing first year student.
  • Summer 2010; College of Science and Engineering Prize: Awarded for achievements and effort in Second year modules.
  • Summer 2011; Recognition and Reward award at GSK; awarded within each department for recognised effort. Awarded by placement manager at the end of placement.
  • Summer 2012 Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Chemistry Prize - Best graduating MChem student in the Department of Chemistry

Member of Professional Organisations

  • September 2008 -­‐ present day -­‐ Associate Member Royal Society of Chemistry.

Work Experience

  • Warwick Ventures - PhD rotation project internship - April - June 2013 - Working with the University of Warwick's Intellectual Property management. Looking into commercialisation of novel techniques and ideas developed at Warwick.
  • Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (Horsham site) – Summer Placement July 2012 – Sep 2012 Supercritical fluid chromatography and Normal Phase achiral product purification method development for medicinal chemistry.
  • Nicholls Colton Analytical (Leicester) -­‐ Lab Technician/ Analyst (Gap Year) July 2007-­ Sep 2008 – Full time Oct 2008-­‐June 2012– Part time Various analytical methods for determining soil properties, chemical constituents of cements and analysis of contaminated land.
  • GSK –GlaxoSmithKline (Ware Site) year in industry Sep 2010 – Aug 2011 TKB DMPK (Toxicokinetics and Biotransformations -Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics) using Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy for drug metabolism studies using ultra low level C14 radioactive doses in clinical studies.
  • Guthlaxton College (Leicester) June 2010 (15 Day placement) Teacher training placement assistant – an insight into teaching science to young children in highschool.

Current Activities

  • Student representative on Student Staff Committee for Warwick students on MIBTP course
  • Masters student mentoring as part of PG-Hub initiative

Relevant Skills and Abilities

Experience in working in Analytical, Synthetic, Biological, Microbiology, Protein expression and radioactive-handling laboratories.

Experience and knowledge of techniques:

Retrosynthesis, Organometallic chemistry, Protecting groups, Catalysis, Asymmetric synthesis, Distillation, Solid Phase synthesis, Refluxing, Palladium Catalysis, Working under inert atmospheres, Peptide Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Graphitisation, Handling Radioactively labelled material, Human tissue handling, DNA synthesis, Contaminated land testing, Tissue Culture (Insect cell, E.Coli), Protein purification. column packing.

Experience and knowledge of techniques:

HPLC; analytical and preparative, UPLC, GCMS, MALDI-TOF MS, Inductively coupled mass spectrometry, H1 ,C13 and P31 NMR ,Infra-red spectroscopy, ESI mass spectrometry ,Accelerator mass spectrometry, UV-vis spectrometry, Atomic flame spectroscopy, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, Surface Plasmon Resonance, FPLC,

Other Skills

Competent user of MS Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. I have worked on other programmes such as picture editing, advanced video editing software, website creation software and basic webpage language e.g. HTML. I have experience working with statistical analysis programmes like R.

I have variety of sporting interests including football, hockey, cricket, and volleyball and cycling. I also enjoy the game of Chess. One of my main interests is archery. I can also speak French with semi fluency, Hindi and Urdu with some fluency, as well as the indigenous language of Malawi, Chichewa.