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MIBTP First year

The MIBTP programme consists of a structured first year with emphasis on collaboration and well rounded training. The scheme is depicted in the info-graphic below:

MIBTP info-graphic

There are 4 phases to the first year, with the final part progressing naturally into the PhD.

Interactive Training

Taught Modules:

Statistical Programming in “R” language
Large data handling; Genome sequencing and assembly

Master Classes:

Choose 8 topics/techniques taught by experts in the field at all 3 universities,

Could mix and match between all 3 universities – no restrictions

Also a good chance to get to know the students in the first term

Mini Project 1 (Away)

Project “Away” from home university

University of Birmingham; Cancer Sciences. Prof Michael Overduin

HWB for bio molecular NMR

Fragment based drug design for cancer target; 450 compounds
Help setup compound library and use my NMR knowledge to validate stocks for purity

Professional Internship

Funding body requirement; try alternative career choices

Must spend some time “outside of science”

Presently at Warwick Ventures; Business development intern.

Working on commercialization of academic research
Patents; protecting research
Spin outs
Making money! (of course)

Mini Project 1 (Home)

Start on PhD project at Warwick (Finally!)

Literature review

Learn new techniques

Naturally progress into PhD