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Lauren Chappell

I am a third year PhD student at Warwick Crop Centre at The University of Warwick. My research is focused on exploiting Next Generation Sequencing to investigate the genetics of Parsnip root disease and develop a marker assisted breeding strategy.

This project has a dual focus; initial work will be carried out to determine the diversity and epidemiology of Parsnip pathogens whilst secondary research will focus on the use of molecular techniques to quantify and develop disease resistance within Parsnip breeding lines.

My PhD is a four year BBSRC CASE studentship with Elsoms Seeds Ltd, and is under the academic supervision of Dr Guy Barker, Dr John Clarkson, Dr Graham Teakle and the industrial supervision of Ms Sue Kennedy.

Research Objectives:
  • To determne the range of fungal pathogens causing root cankers on Parsnips.
  • To obtain Itersonilia pastinacae (I. pastinacae) isolates from different sources and locations, and characterise using molecuar and biological approaches.
  • To develop screening tests to identify I. pastinacae resistance in Parsnip breeding lines.
  • To determine pathogenicity of different I. pastinacae isolates.
  • To develop genetic markers linked to resistance through QTL mapping and Next Generation Sequence analysis.

I. pastincae symptom on Parsnip leaf

I. pastinacae infected root

 Parsnip flowers 

Itersonilia symptom on Parsnip leaf --- Parsnip inflorescence --- Itersonilia symptom on Parsnip root
Lauren Chappell

Lauren Chappell

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