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Mary Tetlow

I am a third year PhD student working under the supervision of Professor Jim Beynon and Dr Katherine Denby.

Project Title:

The role of pathogen effector proteins in altering host plant transcription

Effector proteins are utilised by many invading microbes to interfere with the immune response of plants during infection. Understanding interactions between disease causing microbes and their hosts is of crucial importance to global food security, as suppression of the plant immune response and sustained infection can lead to plant death and crop destruction. Research focusing on effectors and how these proteins manipulate host cellular processes has become a key area of investigation. Much progress has been made in recent years towards revealing how effectors are able to aid pathogen survival. My project is focusing on the role of effectors in manipulating gene transcription in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

During this project I have used techniques including nucleic acid extraction, PCR, western blot, confocal microscopy and microarrays in order to examine the interaction between an effector and a host target protein. My work has also focussed on taking an innovative approach to look for a broader picture of gene expression which could be destabilised by these effector proteins.


I completed by undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, graduating with a BA in Biological Sciences in 2012.

During my study at Oxford I became particularly interested in infectious disease and plants. My final year research project investigated the role of three potentially key immunity genes in Arabidopsis, which was undertaken at the University of Warwick with Professor Jim Beynon who is now my PhD supervisor.


My laboratory experience includes having undertaken two summer work placements in the Quality Control department at Lonza Biologics.

During these placements, I was trained in a variety of standard operating proceedures for tasks including buffer preparation, housekeeping and quality based assays.

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Mary Tetlow

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