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Lecturer in commercial horticulture at Writtle University College. All views expressed are stolen from other people, but don't bring them into this.

Writtle University College
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  1. 2 uur geleden

    I've been there. Such an exciting collection.

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  2. 9 uur geleden

    Spent the morning in one of the research glasshouses. I might scrump some of these chilies and tomatoes when nobody's looking.

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  3. 20 aug.

    : I was let a place with active damp after previous tenants flooded the floor. Door frames had rotted out at the base. When I asked if the landlord would repair it. he said it would "make the rest of the house look shit by comparison."

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  4. 20 aug.

    "All our agents are currently helping other callers at the moment." Who approves these clunky tautologies? Probably the same person who chose to rip off 'Clocks' by Coldplay for the hold music.

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  5. 17 aug.

    Just opened an account with Essex and Suffolk Water. Their Customer Centre is in... Durham.

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    14 aug.

    All this tech. LCDs, ARM processors, gigs of RAM, WiFi, VMs, just so I can avoid opening the fridge door?

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    16 aug.

    Holy fuck I can finally start my washing machine from my fridge, take my money!

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    9 aug.

    Picking Peppers- Automated produce trolleys taking fruit from plant to packing in the Lea Valley

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  9. 8 aug.

    Got a craving for pizza, so had to go to Pizza Hut. If you eat alone in Pizza Express, you look like you've been stood up by a date.

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  10. 7 aug.

    First week working at and enjoying it despite the heat. Everyone's being really friendly and helpful in getting me set up.

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  11. 3 aug.

    I cited this technology in my thesis. Not sure it's ready for large-scale use on farmland, but I always welcome effective chemical-free weed control.

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  12. 31 jul.

    The guy in the film is an old friend of mine. He's taking an electric- adapted classic motorbike round the UK to meet innovators. Please consider backing the project.

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  13. 27 jul.

    Very much enjoying right now. I think it says a lot about how my life is going just now that this show HELPS me sleep.

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    Als antwoord op

    Hope you can stay positive James. It’s a huge shock.

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  15. 19 jul.

    I've found a website that seriously advocates using instant coffee if you're short of gravy browning. If it didn't work for the Trotters, it won't work for you.

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    12 jul.

    Really successful day today, harvesting my first field monitoring trial. Great help from Vincent, who clearly has a natural talent for onion picking. However I'm now suffering one major side effect; I now smell like an onion!

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  17. 9 jul.

    I saw a DeLorean today. Also found a new place to live, but it's the DeLorean that I'm more excited about.

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  18. 4 jul.

    I had some of my mum's fruit cake for breakfast and now I'm absolutely plastered.

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  19. 29 jun.
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    27 jun.

    Video is in real time - another amazing weeding machine, this time for veg growers

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