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Daffodil agronomy PhD student. Talk to me about precision agronomy and ornamental crops.

University of Warwick
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  1. 12. 2.

    Soy milk is excellent for making porridge because porridge isn't meant to taste good anyway.

  2. 10. 2.

    Seriously - the shop is unbearable and I'm now trying to claw my own nose off.

  3. 10. 2.

    Just shopped in Lush for the first (and last) time.

  4. 8. 2.

    Reading a badly Google-translated research paper on treating bulbs for pests. It repeatedly states that "The party has been destroyed." I find my research has that effect on social gatherings, too.

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    4. 2.

    Stuck for romantic date ideas for Valentine's Day? How about a potentially deadly pandemic? My show about where viruses come from and how they spread is coming to Birmingham with on the 14th!

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  6. 2. 2.

    Years of rubbing crossed branches finally separated on this plum. Trees and plants are like pets - you should commit to their upkeep when you buy them.

  7. 1. 2.

    It seems the will to go has become mainstream, and so my New Year's Resolution feels slightly deflated.

  8. 25. 1.

    Doing a big software update on my work laptop. How can anyone be calm about this, never mind excited?

  9. 22. 1.

    I apologise for an autocorrect American spelling yesterday. Normal, snobbish service will be resumed shortly.

  10. 22. 1.

    Horrid realisation that all the cereals in the UK are the all the ones that are like eating birds' nests.

  11. 21. 1.

    Some useful advice courtesy of means a slight addition to my New Year's Resolution - buy white or colorless plastics where possible. They're easier to recycle.

  12. 18. 1.

    Disappointed to hear parroting myths around the Y2K bug. Two people are not alive today as a result of the bug. Hard to say what else might have happened if money had not been invested in protection.

  13. 16. 1.

    The Royal Society for the Protection of The Byrds.

  14. 16. 1.

    Jefferson Bicycle.

  15. 10. 1.

    Since farmers do not publish their practices for peer review, my citations are turning into a bit of a farce. Thinking of going the whole hog and attributing one of my ideas to a sci-fi feature film.

  16. 9. 1.

    I forgot to tell the Twittersphere, but my is to send less to landfill and generally use less plastic. Any help and advice welcome.

  17. 9. 1.

    Looking at old (1957) data from UK counties. Hang on - "Isle of Ely"!? This country is stranger than I can imagine.

  18. 6. 1.

    I know I'm late to the party, but the most recent were some of the best in a long time. No talking down to children, no skirting around jargon. This should be the benchmark.

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    27. 12. 2017

    A bit of spring on this cold and wet December morning ,

  20. 26. 12. 2017

    I spent Boxing Day planting bulbs. Please help me, I'm not in control.


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