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Research Profile

Research interest:

tropical marine and coastal ecosystems; fisheries science and management;
local ecological knowledge (LEK);
geographic information system (GIS) application

Main Supervisor(s):

Associate Supervisor:

Research Group Theme:

Environmental Resource Management
Environmental Resource Management

Research collaborators:

Marine Fisheries Development and Management division,
Department of Fisheries (DOF), Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources,
Brunei Darussalam

Funding Sources:


Current PhD Research (Oct 2009 - )


Thesis title:

Assessment of demersal fishery resources in Brunei Darussalam

Project outline:

Despite its relatively small landings and fishing area covered, the marine ecosystem of Brunei Darussalam is considered a valuable reference point - a lightly harvested system within a region chronically overexploited by fisheries. Yet, fisheries research progress in Brunei is relatively slow, and the impact of fisheries in Brunei waters remain poorly understood. In this study, the status of demersal fishery resources within the continental margin of Brunei will be investigated using official fishery statistics, augmented by local ecological knowledge (LEK) obtained from fishers currently engaged in either the commercial-scale (CS) or small-scale (SS) fisheries in Brunei, and in relation to climatic variables and other fisheries-related marine ecosystem indicators. The overall aim is to assess changes in the demersal fishery resources and harvesting pressure as imposed by the CS and SS fisheries of Brunei, and simultaneously evaluate the sustainability of its demersal capture fisheries.

Specific objectives:

>> Analyze demersal stocks population changes, based on government catch statistics and
information from interview survey administered to fishers.

>> Quantify the effect of environmental variations (SST, chl-a, rainfall and ENSO indices) on the
demersal stocks abundance and productivity.

>> Examine the use of local ecological knowledge in demersal stock assessment, especially for
periods prior to record-keeping, by looking at the opinions of CS and SS fishers, and also the
extent of the "shifting baseline syndrome" in these fisheries.

>> Develop a time series model to predict the relative abundace of demersal resources, and
subsequently the sustainability of the demersal fisheries in Brunei.

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