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Publications, awards and presentations


Smith, O., Clapham, A., Rose, P., Liu, Y., Wang, J. & Allaby, R.G. (2014) A complete ancient RNA genome: identification, reconstruction and evolutionary history of archaeological Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus. Scientific Reports 4, DOI: 10.1038/srep04003

Smith, O., Palmer, S.A., Gutaker, R, & Allaby, R.G. (2014) ‘An NGS Approach to Archaeobotanical Museum Specimens as Genetic Resources in Systematics Research’, in J.A. Cotton, J. Hughes, P.D. Olsen (Eds.) Next Generation Systematics: Studying Evolution and Diversity in an Era of Ubiquitous Genomics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Palmer, S.A., Smith, O, & Allaby, R.G. (2011) The Blossoming of Plant Archaeogenetics. Annals of Anatomy 194: 146-156


University of Warwick IAS Early Career Fellowship, 2013.

BBSRC Doctoral Training Grant, 2009 - 2012. Total value ~£47,000.

University of Warwick Postgraduate Symposium 2011: Best Overall Poster, "Epigenetics of the Archaeogenome".

Conference Presentations – Oral

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 20th Annual Conference ‘Archaeoepigenetics: Evidence of epigenetic response to drought stress and viral infection in archaeological plant material’. Dublin, June 2012, invited speaker.

Systematics Association 8th Biennial Conference 'Molecular Museums: Archaeobotanical collections as a source of biomolecular information for archaeogenetic analysis'. Belfast, July 2011.

The Rank Prize Funds 'Epigenetic evolution tracked throught the barley archaeogenome'. Windermere, May 2011. Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) X ‘A Multi-disciplinary Investigation into Morphology and Paleopathology of Ancient Nubian Cranial Remains’. Manchester, January 2009.

NRC International Conference on Paleopathology ‘Paleopathology of the Manchester Mummies’. National Research Centre, Cairo, April 2008.

Conference Presentations – Posters

Non-Coding RNA 2011 ‘Epigenetics of the Archaeogenome’. London, April 2011.

International Symposium of Biomolecular Archaeology 'Epigenesis: Small RNA Detection in the Archaeogenome'. Copenhagen, September 2010.

Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt ‘A Multi-disciplinary Investigation into Morphology and Paleopathology of Ancient Nubian Cranial Remains'. Manchester, September 2008.

Academic / Media Exposure

Nature News: ‘Taking molecular snaps of ancient crops’. Published online 13 September 2010.