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ePortfolio of Manos Mastorakis

Welcome to my research ePortfolio

Project Title: Chromatin Remodelling during plant-pathogen interactions (2013-2016)

Background: Plants including most of the commercially important crops, are exposed to multitude of pathogens. The burden of these pathogens in our economy and food sustainability has become an important challenge in latest years, considering the exponential population growth. Tackling these pathogens requires a thorough understanding of how plants manage to fight-off pathogens and how plants fail to do so.

Project Description: My research is focused on the plant molecular mechanisms that control gene expression during pathogen attack. Specifically, I am investigating the role of chromatin remodelling in controlling expression of defence genes. The focus of this PhD project has been on histone acetylation as one prime example of chromatin remodelling mechanism using the pathosystem Arabidopsis thaliana-Pseudomonas syringae. At the same time, we are interested in finding whether the bacterial pathogen P.syringae has evolved strategies to target the chromatin remodelling processes of the plant.


Figure 1: Arabidopsis thaliana, ecotype Col-0, 4 weeks old


Figure 2: Plant nucleus expressing GFP-tagged histone H2B

Lab Techniques

  • Confocal Microscopy (Localisation, Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching)
  • Genotyping
  • qPCRs
  • Western Blot
  • (Co-) Immunoprecipitation
  • Mass Spectrometry (Proteomics)
  • Pathogenicity assays (Bacterial Growth Curves, Reactive Oxygen Species)
  • Cloning


  1. Co-Best Seminar in Postgraduate Symposium (2016), as voted by students
  2. Co-Best Seminar in Postgradaute Symposium (2016), as voted by academics


  • MPMI, International Conference, Rhodes, Greece (2014), Presented a poster
  • Epigenetics in Plants, The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL), Norwich, United Kingdom (2013)


Phytobiology Facility (

Imaging Facility (

Mass Spectrometry (

Funded by

The Royal Society

University of Warwick

PhD Supervisor

Dr. Vardis Ntoukakis

Advisory Panel

Dr. Jose Gutierez-Marcos

Dr. Andre Pires Da-Silva

Lab Members

(Post-Doctoral Researchers) Dr. S.J.M. Piquerez, Dr A.Sheikh, Dr. W.Huang

(PhD Students) Alonso Pardal, Stephanie Kancy


Manos Mastorakis