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Conferences and Workshops

Conferences Attended

  • Postgraduate Careers Symposium: 12th January 2017, University of Leicester, UK
  • School of Life Sciences Postgraduate Symposium: 18th – 19th April 2016, University of Warwick, UK
  • MIBTP Student Symposium: 14th April 2016, University of Leicester, UK
  • Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms Workshop for Researchers: 26th – 27th November 2015, Holiday Inn, Birmingham, UK
  • The 2015 Great Wall Symposium: 21st – 23rd September 2015, Villa Finaly, Florence
  • British Conference of Undergraduate Research: 19th-20th March 2012, University of Warwick, UK

Training and Workshops

  • CD/LD Summer School: 11th – 13th July 2016, University of Warwick, UK
  • Biotechnology YES Workshop: 5th - 7th October 2016, MediCity Nottingham, UK