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Interdisciplinary PhDs

MathSys is a collaboration of three interdisciplinary research centres, each with their own excellent records of world-leading research involving application of mathematics to real-world problems: the Centre for Complexity Science; Warwick Systems Biology; and Warwick Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (WIDER) centre.

Funded by EPSRC, with support from MRC, 13 external partners (drawn from industry, finance and health) and the University of Warwick, the Centre will train a new generation of scientists needed to tackle the key global challenges facing science, business and society particularly where these involve complex, non-linear, uncertain and stochastic systems.

The Molecular Analytical Science (MAS) CDT has been awarded funding from the EPSRC. MAS CDT will produce a new generation of Analytical Scientists. With the world-leading facilities and expertise at Warwick at their disposal, students will graduate with a unique combination of skills in exploiting synergies between different experimental methods and in harnessing the power of combining data collection with experimental design, statistical analysis, modelling, and simulation. They will become the future leaders in Analytical Science, equipped with a combination of scientific and complementary skills for addressing many of the key industrial and societal challenges faced by the UK.


A student talks about her PhD