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Project / Dissertation (60CATS)

Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management and Medical Biotechnology and Business Management

This module allows students to complete a major and worthwhile piece of work, with some guidance, but largely self-motivated and with a minimum of supervision. Students will apply knowledge and skills gained through course to a specific area of study, writing an academic paper that is well organised and which clearly and concisely communicates its contents to the reader.

Students will identify an area of study and show evidence of skills of inquiry, reasoning and analysis in addressing the topic.

Students will have the opportunity to carry out either an original piece of extended literature based research, a lab-based project (arranged by the student) or a work-placement (if these are arranged by the student).

Principle Learning Outcomes

• To develop advanced knowledge of a selected aspect of a topic related to their degree.
• To communicate contemporary practice and critically discuss relevant practice and achievements. Presentation of a reasoned argument or experimental plan is expected.
• To collect and analyse data and use it to help solve biotechnology (medical and bioprocessing) and business problems.


The project represents approximately three months enquiry and data collection, and one month of write-up.

Students will have a choice of:
• Dissertation based on work relevant to the MSc
• Student led work placement or lab-based research project (if organised by the student rather than through the department). Supervision will be through the department, and may in some cases be collaborative with other organisations (where applicable).