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Entrepreneurship & Commercialisation (BS936)


The primary aim of this module is to integrate information from the core modules by addressing the issues concerned
with conversion of an idea in bio-science to a commercial reality. The module draws from information in the core business and bioscience modules and concludes with the student formulating, writing and presenting a Business Plan.



Knowledge and technology transfer: the biotechnology business; academia as a business generator; knowledge transfer mechanisms; commercialisation of biosciences; risk; success factors.

Creativity and innovation.

Intellectual property, protection; forms of intellectual property rights.

Researching ideas: establishing novelty; competitive intelligence.

Communicating ideas: presentation of the individual and their work; oral and written communication; communicating with non-scientists.

Starting up a business: options – licensing, strategic alliance, spin-outs, start-ups.

Phases of business growth.

Cost implications of starting a bio-business.

Role of the Business Plan.


Regulation in the bio-sciences.

Formal lectures will be interwoven with case studies.