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Essentials of Medical Genomics (BS977)


The module aims to give students a detailed knowledge of the potential for medical genomics, its exploitation by the pharmaceutical industry sector and a critical appreciation of the various molecular and computational techniques in use for the analysis of medical genomic data. This will be achieved by detailed consideration of case studies published in primary literature.

Principle Learning Outcomes

Broad, integrated knowledge of medical genomics and how it relates to health issues and medical treatment.
Critical assessment of the use of novel genomic information and its relevance to the pharmaceutical industry.
Knowledge of genomic data analysis for the identification of infectious agents and the genetic basis of common and rare diseases.
Critical assessment of advantages and disadvantages of classic and novel genomic tools.


Fundamental principles of genomics for medicinal gain
Limitations and ethics of novel genomic technologies applied to human health
Statistical and computational tools currently used for analysis for biomedical genomics
Analysis and interpretstion of data
Medical genomic information in the design of novel pharmaceutical products and targeted medical treatments
Case studies to identify the route to successful exploitation of medical genomics data - genetic and epigenetic principles that underline human diseases and pathogen genomics to human health.