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Laboratory Skills (LF908)


This module will develop and expand the laboratory skills necessary for undertaking analysis/research in molecular biology techniques.


Principle Learning Outcomes

Training in and understanding of practical experimental skills and procedures. Familiarisation with techniques in
molecular biology and the analysis and interpretation of experimental data.



Fundamentals of laboratory work (safety, weights & measures, buffers, using a pH meter)
Purification and analysis of plasmid DNA (mini-preps, agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction digests, making plates)
Polymerase chain reaction (preparation of DNA for sequencing, amplification, primer design, sequence anlaysis)
Cloning and E.coli expression (gene cloning, sequencing and sequence analysis)
Targeted mutagenesis (sequence design, mutagenesis and sequence analysis)
Laser confocal & electron microscopy (sample preparation, imaging and image analysis)
Protein overexpression in E.coli (culture induction, buffer preparation and protein expression)
Protein purification (sonication & chemical cell lysis, affinity chromatography, SDS gel electrophoresis)
Protein analysis and quantification (SDS gel interpretation & Western blotting and mass spectrometry analysis)
Lab book write-up