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Bioproduct Plant Design & Economic Analysis (BS937)


The module explains the integration of Unit Operations into functional and commercially viable bioprocesses. These are evaluated with regard to optimising performance in the context of process efficiency, product quality, capital and operating costs and environmental performance.

This module aims to familiarize the students with the principles and methodologies of modern chemical plant design. The students will be introduced to the multidisciplinary, step-wise approach to the design project, starting from a conceptual phase up to the front end engineering design. As well as the fundamental process design principles, the module will address operational, safety and environmental aspects of a well designed and successful manufacturing facility. The role of key financial instruments and methods of economic analysis will be developed and demonstrated in evaluating the plant profitability and investment criteria. The latter part of the module will introduce students to the principles and applications of computer assisted process design. Starting with the process flowsheet development, the students will be also familiarized with the modelling of process units and solution strategies for solving complex process


Introduction to process design
Visual design tools
Process equipment (1) design & costing, (2) separation processes & chemical reactors, (3) heat transfer & fluid transport
Capital & operating cost estimation methods
Computational tools in plant design & costing
Principles of flow sheet stimulation
Physical & thermodynamic properties = VLE
Design economic optimisation
Materials of construction
Design report.