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Regenerative Medicine (LF910)


This module introduces the students to the scientific principles underpinning the application of biotechnology to the medical sector. The focus is on functional biomaterials, tissue engineering and stem cell therapy. The aim is to give the students a clear understanding of regenerative medicine and the role of biotechnology in realising the commercial potential.


Principle Learning Outcomes

To develop an understanding of the scientific basis underpinning regenerative medicine and the associated biotechnological principles leading to commercial implementation.



Enabling technologies
Functional biomaterials
Stem cells
Cell sheet engineering for regenerative medicine
Intelligent surfaces for cell culture: responsive cell culture surfaces; rapid cell sheet detachment; carriers for transplanting and layering cell sheets.
Biofluids/microcirculation: Interaction between fluid(s) and cellular systems. Biofluid mechanics has wide applications in biomedical sciences from large vessel hydrodynamics and microcirculation to cell and tissue engineering.
Tissue engineering and stem cell therapy
Future advances