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MSc Medical Biotechnology and Business Management

  • Are you interested in a biomedical industry career?
  • Do you want to combine science and business?
  • Do you want to expand your skills and enhance employment prospects?

Modern medical biotechnology industries are a major component of global industrialised economies and this new MSc programme covers a broad range of biomedical science, business and management skills as an integrated package.

Developed out of our very successful Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management MSc, the Medical Biotechnology and Business Management course provides knowledge and understanding of the key technical, business and societal issues relevant to the operation and development of medical biotechnology industries and equips the student to make original and informed contributions to advance and develop these industries. It also develops the capability to research and analyse market needs for medical product development, propose technical strategy based on up to date information and leading edge diagnostic technology.

Staff from leading centres of expertise, including Life Sciences and Warwick Business School, form a multidisciplinary teaching faculty. The course is delivered by lecturers with internationally acknowledged academic, industrial and government expertise.

This is a very well designed MSc course that builds on the incredible success of the current Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management MSc.
...I am not aware of any similar course structured in this way.
External academic evaluator

Entry requirements: Minimum second class Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences or Business Studies (students with a business background must be a high class student and demonstrate an interest in biological science). English language standard IELTS 6.5.

Study: Full time over 12 months or part time over 24 months.

Module options: 8 core modules, 2 elective modules, project dissertation.

Module assessments by a combination of written course work, individual/group seminar presentations and a multi-choice or short answer examination.

The course is a full time (over twelve months) or part time (over 24 months) taught programme with modular content, based around two strands:-

  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Business Management

You will be required to complete eight core modules and must also select a further two elective modules. Depending on your academic background you will find elements of some modules harder, or easier, than others.

Teaching will be by interactive lectures, short question & answer sessions and small group interactive workshops/tutorials. Individual and team learning will be used for case study analysis.

You will be required to undertake a project dissertation. You will be encouraged to propose your own project title (selection subject to availability of an appropriate supervisor) although a range of potential titles will be offered. Projects will be non-laboratory based and generally undertaken at the University of Warwick under the supervision of an approved tutor.

Our course and module content and schedule is continually reviewed and updated to reflect the latest research expertise at Warwick. So it is therefore very important that you check back here for the latest information before you apply and when you accept an offer (as set out in our terms and conditions).

Core Modules

  • The Fundamentals of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  • Drug Discovery & Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Commercialisation
  • Business Strategy
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Project Dissertation

Optional Modules

(availability dependent on demand)

  • Microbiomics & Metagenomics
  • Environmental Protection, Risk Assessment & Safety
  • Essentials of Medical genomics
  • Innovations to Prevent & Treat Infectious Disease
  • Laboratory Skills

Further details of modules


One third of the final mark will be derived from the project dissertation.

Two thirds of the final mark will be derived from assessments of the 8 core and 2 elective modules. Modules will be assessed by means of a combination of written course work, individual/group seminar presentations and a multi-choice or short answer examination. These assessments will take place during or shortly after completion of each module.

Please note that modules and courses on offer may change. We reserve the right not to run certain modules/courses based on programme review, staff availability and student demand.

This MSc is suitable for those looking for a career in medical biotechnology and related industrial sectors where employees need multidisciplinary knowledge.

Graduates are expected to work in a wide range of jobs including project management, business development and general managerial positions.

Career destinations include:

  • Parexel
  • Abcam
  • Informa PLC
  • Oxford University Hospital
  • The Binding Site
  • Ashfield Healthcare

Job titles include Clinical Trials Data Clerk, Technology Graduate Associate, MSD Women's Health Account Executive, Regulatory Affairs Officer and Healthcare Analyst.

Career destinations of our related course Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management alumni include

  • Tata Technologies
  • AkzoNobel
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Pfizer
  • Novartis
  • European Medicines Agency
  • PhD programmes

If you would like to put a question to any of the students profiled here then please send the question to Denny Croft & Therese Lepicard ( and they will forward it to the student.


Matej Sokol. Graduated with Merit in 2017

Nationality: Slovakian

First Degree: MA Business and Management

First job after graduating: Rotational program at PAREXEL International

After I finished undergrad, I wanted to specialise in a particular industry within business and management. I was looking for a course that would offer a fusion of drug development and business management.

The best thing was the people. Professors and lecturers were approachable whenever we needed any help. Classmates were from all around the globe. The interesting thing was that usually classes break down into groups of people from alike geographical locations. This did not happen and majority of us were actually hanging out together as a group.

I really appreciated frequent presentations of seminars, since the improved confidence in my speech and presentation skills were really useful during final stages of job interviews and assessment centres. Aside from soft skills, I gained just the right amount of industry knowledge to understand the actual research scientists and therefore add more value to what I do.

All year I looked for a graduate scheme in a Contract Research Organisation and eventually I got the job that I wanted. I am on a rotational program at PAREXEL International in Nottingham. Right now I am on a business analyst rotation with responsibilities revolving around software that the company develops for clinical trial management.


Sophie Mathias Graduated with Distinction in 2017.

Nationality: British

First degree: Natural Sciences

I really enjoyed the breadth of the course and range of modules. Having a broad understanding of the biotechnology industry from a business and science point of view is very valuable.

Recently I started as an Associate Data Analyst at Abcam, the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists. I have already drawn on knowledge from various points in the MBBM course, not to mention the skills I gained.

One of my favourite things about Warwick was the plethora of sporting opportunities open to everyone. I ended up getting back into swimming.

One of the most valuable things this course will provide is your fellow coursemates: get to know them and their interests in biotechnology. I have no doubt that my coursemates will go on to great things and I cannot wait to see what we all achieve in the biotechnology industry.


Ines Mihel Graduated with Distinction in 2016

Nationality: French. Grew up in Morocco

First Degree: Cell and Molecular Biology

First job after graduating: Analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, part of the Pharma Intelligence division of Informa

Since I wanted to learn more about business management and apply it to the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to undertake the MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management. I chose Warwick because it was the only University offering this course as well as its strong reputation for Business Studies. I think Warwick had a very good welcome for international students and the campus has everything you need.
The best thing about my course was that it was applied to real world cases. It was also a good way to gain an insight into different aspects related to pharmaceuticals, MedTech and basic business management. The highlights were the career events, which included case studies and networking events. I also have very good memories with the people in my course, everyone was very friendly.
I now work as an Analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, part of the Pharma Intelligence division of Informa, in London. I analyse disease markets, look into drugs competitiveness in the market place, research treatment trends, and conduct and model forecasts.
During my time at Warwick I was a member of the gym and also attended events organised by the Warwick Consulting Society, which were valuable when I started looking for a job.
I would suggest that prospective students try to have an idea of how they want to use the course to achieve their career goals. For example, I was interested in the pharmaceutical industry so I ensured that my essays were directed towards issues faced by the industry, which is valuable for my job as an Analyst.

MBBM Masters

How to Apply

Scholarships are available for both Home/EU and International students.


Course enquiries:

Denny Croft &
Therese Lepicard
msc dot lifesciences at warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel: +44 (0)24 765 23540