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Student profiles

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Shilpa Tejpal

Graduated with Merit
in 2014


Nationality: Indian

First degree: B.Tech Biotechnology

First job after graduating: Currently working as Membrane Protein Specialist at Warwick Medical School. I am involved in receptor purification and its biophysical characteristics.

I was interested in a course that provided me with both scientific and managerial skills. This MSc is the perfect blend of both. Also, the UK and world ranking of Warwick University was good so I decided to choose this university. I was awarded a Warwick-India Scholarship and this was another reason to choose this university.
The staff here are very supportive and helpful so never be afraid to talk about any issues that you might be face.
The best thing about MSc was the presentation and report writing for every module. Giving presentations boosted my confidence and improved my delivery skills which are very important in a corporate environment.
I participated in the Green Steps programme organised by the University of Warwick in collaboration with Monash University. It supported me in acting as a sustainability change agent across the university and an internship in NHS.

Daniel Rabbie

Graduated with
Distinction in 2013


Nationality: British

First degree: Human Biology

First job after graduating: Drug Regulatory Affairs Graduate at Novartis

This MSc provides an opportunity for individuals with a background in the life sciences to develop, refine and apply their skills within an industrially relevant context. Although there is still an academic focus, many modules aim to stimulate inter-disciplinary thought and there is a continual emphasis on group work and seminar presentations throughout the year. This combination encourages a team-oriented and outward-looking mentality.

It is the multidisciplinary nature of this MSc which has proved valuable in my current job. The course gave me a broad overview of biopharmaceutical drug registration and it was particularly helpful to be lectured by an experienced industry expert who could highlight 'real world' complexities associated with this evolving area. However, in my current role I also apply lessons learnt from other course modules including Bioproduct Plant Design and Biochemical Engineering. I found the diversity in course content engaging on a day-to-day basis but I also believe it is great preparation for anyone considering a career in the industry.


Loren Austin

Graduated with Distinction in 2013
Winner of Class Prize


Nationality: British

First Degree: Biochemistry

First job after graduating: Graduate Scheme for Severn Trent Water

The best thing about the MSc is gaining a ‘big picture’ view of Biotechnology and Bioprocessing. This opened up a whole new world of ideas and career opportunities that I had never thought about before. The way the lectures are taught mean that you get to meet people who work in industry and can give you a real insight into the work they do.
The MSc really helped me gain my job on the graduate scheme for Severn Trent Water. Initially because I would never have thought to apply for a job in the Water industry as I did not realise the opportunities and the amount of Science that is involved in treating clean and dirty water. Secondly the group work enabled me to answer the situational questions that are present in most job applications by acting as examples of when I have worked in and led teams.
Doing the MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management is a great opportunity but to get the most out of it you need to be dedicated and prepared to work hard. My final year at Warwick has been one of the best times of my life and I would recommend it to everybody!

Ayodele Fakoya

Shared Commonwealth Scholarship Student

Graduated with
Distinction in 2013


Nationality: Nigerian

First Degree: Cell Biology and Genetics

First job after graduating: Research Assistant at National Biotechnology
Development Agency (NABDA), Nigeria

The MSc and Warwick have given me unique and life-changing experiences and choosing to go to Warwick has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My arrival at Warwick was a really pleasant one. I recall the warm and friendly reception I got. On getting to the Campus, I was amazed at the beautiful layout of the University as well as the amount of help I got from the orientation team, who helped me to settle in easily. Everybody was so nice, receptive and helpful and some of the friends I met during the orientation programme have remained my friends even after graduation.

The BBBM programme has been structured in a way that challenges you to bring out the best in you. While the programme was very intensive and demanding, it has taught me how to prioritise my tasks and manage my time efficiently. The BBBM programme did not only provide me with skills and tools to manage a business through the various modules, it has also taught me how to manage people through the numerous group assignments. I also developed strong confidence and have become highly-skilled in public communication through the numerous seminars. One of the best things I enjoyed in Warwick, particularly on the MSc course was the high degree of support I received. The tutors and programme managers were always available and ready to help me solve any problem I had, whether the problem was academic or non-academic and this was one the major reasons why I was able to succeed during my programme.

Julian Matske

Graduated with
Distinction in 2013



Nationality: German/American

First Degree: Molecular Biology

First job after graduating: Manufacturer Services Department, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH

The best thing about the degree is that it quite successfully integrates the view from real-life industry into the academic environment. We were taught by real-life industry experts and got great insight into the different topics that were taught.

I gained great insights into quite a number of different industries in which Biotechnology or Bioprocessing is needed. One really gets a comprehensive overview about a large number of different topics. Also the course really does prepare you to give great presentations and teaches one how to handle group work successfully. Warwick is a good University and getting a degree there most certainly will give one’s career a solid basis! With the high quality comes the great effort one has to put into his/her degree, especially if one wants to graduate with honors. So be prepared to spend quite some time in front of the computer!


Divya Sukumar

Graduated in 2013


Nationality: Indian

First Degree: Pharmaceutical Sciences

First job after graduating: Associate Manager, Indegene Lifesystems, India

Orientation was beyond my expectation & the team made me feel comfortable. The course structure is fantastic. The MSc at Warwick helped me gain my job as I am now confident to deliver & manage teams.


Melvin Jose

Graduated with Merit in 2012

Nationality: British

First Degree: Biochemistry

First job after graduating: Business Support Executive for the Pharma, Biotech & Chemical Industries

The MSc has really broadened my horizons, as it has provided me the breadth of knowledge and specialities that is uncommon to any other degrees. Moreover the business management aspects of the course being entwined with the scientific aspects really help you bring both the fields together.

Overall I believe choosing Warwick was one of the greatest choices I made as it not only gave me the knowledge and skill sets needed but also honed as well as developed me professionally and personally. It has provided the valued insight into the world of work, which was key in successfully bridging the gap between academia and full time employment. Central to this was the enriching effect of module conveyors and emeritus professors who being actively involved in both academia and their respective industries thoroughly enriched the value of the MSc. The MSc has unquestionably been significant in gaining my present job-role, and has set a very strong foundation for me to build on – one which I am ecstatic about.

I believe University of Warwick has succeeded in providing me with a one of a kind experience and has been a turning point in my life. The MSc will push you to your limits but resultant of that it builds you into a professional with a new identity with a robust as well as a winning mind-set. Studying at Warwick and especially after completing this MSc you truly realise what it means to be a graduate of the elite; a UK Top 10 University and a ‘World-Renowned Institution’


Abbas Deesawala

Graduated with Merit in 2012


Nationality: Indian

First Degree: BTech Biotechnology

First job after graduating: Management trainee in Corporate Strategy and
Development, Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Chennai.

Current job: Executive, Corporate Strategy and Development at Orchid Pharma.

The best thing about Warwick is its infrastructure, student life/activities and high growth-rate. It has been rapidly rising in the world ranking. Clearly the management knows what it is doing. The best thing about this MSc was definitely the fact that it opened my eyes to the business management part of biotech. It taught me that just discovering a compound is not enough. It is in fact more important to know when and how to develop it, where to introduce it and how to commercialize it because eventually that’s what brings the money in!

After this course I came to realize what I was truly interested in doing for a
career, and the multi-disciplinary nature of this course helped me get my job (as a member of the corporate strategy and development team in a top 15 Indian pharma). They said that if not for this course, my background would have been too technical to even be considered for the position I now have there.

For all those of you thinking about joining, don’t worry, you will be choosing a great place to learn and grow. Good luck!


Hamza Baig

Graduated with Distinction in 2012hamzabaig.jpg

Nationality: Pakistani/British

First Degree:

First job after graduating: Pharmaceutical Industry Analyst at Visiongain.

The best thing about the MSc would have to be its multi-disciplinary nature. I learned about diverse subjects which I had no background in, such as the regulation of biopharmaceuticals, and the intricacies of formulating a viable business strategy. In addition, this MSc developed my professional skill set to quite a high degree. My presentation skills have improved tremendously, and I also further developed my analytical skills. Skills such as these are what improve ones employability, and so this aspect is one of the most important things about the MSc.

I work as a Pharmaceutical Industry Analyst at a business information company called Visiongain. My job is to track and forecast commercial developments in the pharmaceutical industry, and then write reports which are read by executives in the industry. The MSc definitely helped me get this job because I gained some experience writing commercial reports during the accounting and finance module.


Oluwatunmise Akintewe

Graduated with Merit in 2012tumieakintewe.jpg

Nationality: British

First Degree: Microbiology

First job after graduating: Intern with the Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology division of The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in The Philippines. The internship is jointly sponsored by Warwick University and IRRI.

Orientation was one of my most remarkable and memorable experiences at Warwick. I felt so welcomed and was engaged in myriads of activities.

I have had two job opportunities since I enrolled for the program, both of which were advertised by the department to encourage its students appreciate their chosen field. The first one was the Green Steps program organized by Warwick and Monash University, Australia to train students in becoming effective change agents in driving organizations towards environmental sustainability. As a consequence, the program earned me the opportunity to join the Sustainability and Climate change team of the City Council. However, this gave me the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the academic year which bridged the gap between theory and real life practice. This was another notch up my CV.

The second role earned (after participating in a research essay competition) recently, is to intern with the Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology division of The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in The Philippines. The internship is jointly sponsored by Warwick University and IRRI. Thanks to BBBM’s contribution in achieving this.

This is a great course you would never find in the exact format in any other university so make the best of it as well as every service offered. Also, getting into Warwick already confirms you to be the best candidate, so every where you go, that reputation automatically follows you. Therefore, make the best of every opportunity and never hesitate to relax and have fun despite the workload.


Daniel Mbogo

Shared Commonwealth Scholarship Student

Graduated in 2012daniel.jpg

Nationality: Kenyan

First Degree: Food Science & Technology

First job after graduating: Part-time lecturer in Technical University, Kenya.

The best thing about for me about the course was the fact that it was a very well balanced MSc. programme. It helped me recognise and develop skills such as presentation and communication, writing skills, time management, and interview skills as well as giving me an enormous amount of business knowhow in a way that was very practical and relevant to the market needs. Warwick has students whose backgrounds vary culturally, academically, and professionally. This unique diversity makes Warwick the most ideal place to study at. I met and made friends with people from all corners of the world.

Receiving Commonwealth Shared Scholarship enabled me join and attend my number one choice, The University of Warwick. It enabled me thrive academically as well as helped me continue to believe in myself. While in UK, I learned a lot, both within and outside the MSc, over a short span of time, something I would not have done without the scholarship. To me the award itself is such an incredible inspiration for me to continue towards my goals of attaining a PhD, and conducting scientific research that can benefit the youths and the poor in my country. When I reach that career point when I can start to reflect on the path I went through to get there, Commonwealth scholarship commission and the University of Warwick will have been one of the channels that helped me attain my dreams. I will forever remain grateful.


Stefan Marcus

Graduated with Merit in 2012stefanpic.jpg

Nationality: Romanian/ Canadian

First Degree: Biomedical Science

First job after graduating: Multi-Channel Analyst

Current job: Research Strategist at Creation Healthcare

Orientation was amazing and definitely a highlight of my time at Warwick. I met people during that week which are still my friends today and I'm glad I went!

The experience of studying in a different country with students from all over the world was awesome. It was also interesting learning about subjects that I had no interest in before coming here (accounting is actually fun!). The professors and staff were very helpful, and welcomed any questions or concerns we had about the assignments or the course in general, which I feel greatly contributed to my success. The university is huge, beautiful, and everything you need is on campus.

I think I've gained quite a few skills that are useful not only professionally but also personally. Overall, I am more confident in communicating from presenting so often and have become a strong team player due to the group work that is required in several modules. In addition to building on the science concepts learned in my undergrad, this course has given me an excellent grasp of business and marketing theories in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, which were completely new to me. I believe that the course has prepared me very well for a real-world working environment and part of that was having instructors from outside of academia as well.

The heavy course load sometimes prevented me from seeing Europe/UK a bit more and going out. Lots of stressful nights but in the end it paid off and it's not a big deal once you accept the Learning Grid as your second home. Study hard but don't forget the rest of the university experience!


Ryan Macbeth

Graduated in 2011ryan.jpg

Nationality: British

First Degree: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

First job after graduating: Regulatory Affairs

The best thing about the course was the group of people; a huge range of students from different backgrounds yet every single person got on well. I don’t remember seeing any fall outs and this was also including intense group work sessions which is quite remarkable. On par with this was the intensity of the work which really gets you ready for a job after completion of the course and the real-world relevance of the course is also nice. The downside of the course is the lack of time to take on board what you have learnt as the modules are so short and intense. However, I took this course to add to my commercial experience and skill set rather than the academic side so it did not affect me too much and the intensity was a benefit.

An Msc from Warwick looks exceptional in my opinion and this is the same with everyone I speak to. In today’s day and age a BSc is so common that it is definitely vital to get an Msc to stand out and a university of this calibre enables you to stand out even above other Msc students. Whilst interviewing for my current job; working for a local pharmaceutical company in Regulatory Affairs, I was up against an experienced internal employee from another department and a PhD graduate and came out successful. Providing you interview well (which does take real life practice and a certain degree of unique attributes which you will gather as you go to interview) there is not much on a CV which can beat this Msc.



Helena Gwani

Graduated in 2011 with distinctionhelenagwani.jpg

Nationality: Nigerian

First Degree: Biochemistry

First job after graduating: Phd in Biochemistry at Ahmadu Bello
University, Zaria researching an anti-malaria DNA vaccine.

The best part about the course was the people that I met from diverse backgrounds such as India, China, Kenya and others. I learned a lot about other cultures and made new friends. I have gained a lot from the M.Sc - Apart from the knowledge in the science and business modules, I learnt transferable skills such as speaking in public, making good presentations and organisational skills.
The University is very nice, safe and peaceful. The course is very unique and useful; you would have to dedicate a lot of time to it in order to be successful. Lastly, enjoy every part of your Warwick experience because you may never have the opportunity again.


Gayanika Hettiarachchi

Graduated in 2011 with distinctiongayani.jpg

Nationality: Sri Lankan

First degree: Biotechnology

First job after graduating: Intern at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE - involved in project management, providing managerial assistance and research to the on-going projects.

Current job: Project Management Analyst at DELL Healthcare and Life Sciences

I always wanted to complete my MSc in one of the Top 10 Universities in the UK. Warwick, indeed is one of the best universities any one could go to. The value of this MSc is enriched by the lecturers – We had the chance to attend lectures by experienced industrialists, successful bio-entrepreneurs and many knowledgeable individuals. Thank you for that valuable opportunity! It also gave me a wide knowledge base and built my confidence level through fine tuning presentation, writing and team working skills. It has absolutely taught me the essence of management in terms of time, work and priorities in life.
What I learnt from this MSc has definitely come in handy in gaining my current job – handling a task diligently and confidently, making sure you have an edge over the other workers and many more. This is just the beginning for me and I am just looking forward to more exciting work, which I can contribute to, with the skills I gained from the MSc. I would also like to commend the immense support I have received from the programme managers, in the job/internship application process.
Doing this MSc could be one of the turning points in your life. It gives you a new identity, a great deal of experiences and introduces you to worthy associates. If you could complete this MSc with a high level of courage, acquire the skills through the teachings and if you take the best of this MSc and give the best to this MSc, consider yourself a WINNER.


Maria-Liza Scicluna

Graduated in 2011 with distinctionmaria-liza_scicluna.jpg

Nationality: Maltese

First degree: Biology & Chemistry

First job after graduating: Project Manager at AquaBioTech Ltd

This MSc

gives a broad perspective of what to expect in the industry. Obviously you will only use bits and pieces from it directly, but the whole course enabled me to get a more holistic approach. And apart from that, the course structure involves A LOT of group work, which although difficult at times, enabled the course members to become exceptionally united and very good friends. The course combines the biological sciences, the engineering and processing factor and the business aspect. In my current job position as a project manager in an aquaculture consultancy firm, all these skills are turning out to be very, very useful. It enables me to communicate more effectively with the scientists, the engineers and the company directors to bring together a successful project. I actually got my job during interviews I was conducting for my dissertation.



Ankita Chitlangia - Graduated in 2010.


Nationality: Indian

First degree: Biotechnology

First job after graduating: Customer Business Development at AkzoNobel UK

Studying at Warwick was a dream comes true. It is one of U.K’s most eminent universities. The finest of teachers and the best of facilities are present here. From the very beginning, I received constant encouragement from my professors. This made me feel very comfortable in a new country and also motivated me to do better. During my course, I became more aware of the industry practices on a global front. The frequent seminars, which were a part of the course, enhanced my presentation skills, communication skills and also made me a better team player. While working on my dissertation, I identified the broad horizons of Healthcare. The BBBM course not only helped me gain adequate knowledge but also opened wide range of prospects in various industries to choose from.
Studying at Warwick has been a memorable experience for me. The diversity at Warwick gave me an opportunity to study with students from various parts of the world. The Business Management course helped me greatly in securing my current job. Skills acquired at Warwick are helping me tremendously now at my work place.


David Zhu - Graduated in 2010.


Nationality: Canadian/British

First degree: Biomedical Sciences

Current Job: Sanofi talent development program, Business development division - focusing on strategic planning, licensing and M&A within the surging China market.

"I joined Warwick BBM with a clear objective in mind, and that was to prime myself for a business career within the pharmaceutical industry. Coming from a Medical Science background, I realized I needed a bridge to help connect my scientific background with the business world. I'm happy to share that for myself the BBM course represented exactly that bridge. I particularly appreciated that each business module, from marketing to finance to business strategy, was geared towards the biotechnology and life science setting. Even more crucially, the knowledge you gain was practical and taught in a way that stimulated interest. Mix in a diverse class of equally driven colleagues, and a team of passionate Professors and mentors, and what I experienced was a very dynamic learning environment."


Anubhuti Bajpai - Graduated in 2010


Nationality: Indian

First degree: Biotechnology

First job after graduating: Working on various business related projects for a Hungarian biotechnology firm product launch.

"With the expanding business of biotechnology, I personally feel that there will be a great requirement for biotechnology professionals specializing in business management. Thus, the decision of juxtaposing the twin skills of core biotechnology engineering and a specialization in biotechnology management, helped me to take the course in Warwick. The orientation at Warwick is a warm welcome for the new students and is a kickstart experience for the great times that will unfold for them in the coming one year.

The highlights of the course are the various activities and practical work the students are involved in, my favorite being the business plan competition. It has taught us immensely the application of our academic knowledge and given us a slight taste of the real life working in the life sciences and related industry .

My one year at Warwick has been the best course during my student life. I have not only got an opportunity to be mentored and to interact with the leading professionals of our field, but to also enjoy my extracurricular interests and social life with a great network of friends from all over the world. I strongly recommend the course and university to all prospective students."



Haoying Huang - Graduated with Distinction in 2010


Nationality: Chinese

First degree: Bioengineering

First job after graduating: Senior project co-ordinator at BGI

"When I chose my master course in the UK, I firstly considered my career plan and what course could help me to become a qualified candidate for a global life science company. I clearly know I am keen to work with life science business and enjoy communicating with different people all around the world, and hence I have to gain more knowledge about both industrial business, biotechnology and marketing. Warwick is a top ranking university in the world, I was very glad that when I found there is an excellent combined course named MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management.

Studying the BBBM course at Warwick was definitely unforgettable. The MSc course offers a wide range of biotechnology and related business knowledge, together with the necessary presentation, essay writing and project planning for the students, which equips us with the multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise to become a qualified graduate in R&D, project management and related business positions. Most importantly, apart from the knowledge and transferable skills I gain from this MSc course, the continuous flow of encouragement and guidance from all our lecturers, course managers and fellow students are the strong supports for my master life in the UK. I really appreciate them.

The BBBM course not only helped me to get a conceptual foundation for life sciences related project/strategy planning but also offered me opportunities to run a project/activity, this definitely helped me gain my current job. I am very appreciative that the BBBM course, teachers and staff provided me with a full range knowledge and practice opportunities in the life science business field which supports me to be a qualified project manager.

The campus is very beautiful, and the air is fresh. The University provides the students a good place to study and live with various facilities such as study building, lecture rooms, sport centre, supermarket, art centre and bookshop."

Diaz Baiseitov - Graduated with Distinction in 2010


Nationality: Kazakhstan

First degree: Economics

First job after graduating: Managing Director, Life Sciences Centre at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Current job: Head of Technopark - JSC Nazarbayev University

“From the MSc I gained flexibility, enabling me to cope with both types of problems found in any industry: technical and managerial.
My future ambition is in private business, in commercial application of the gained knowledge, and stem cells in particular.
I found the department to be friendly, unprejudiced, with highly competent academic staff ready to help you anytime you're in trouble.”

"You may find this course intensive and challenging, but you don't need to be an egghead. What you really need is sincere appreciation, even admiration of the possibilities which modern biotechnology opens to the industries and markets".



Mei Foong (Agnez) Lim - Graduated with Distinction in 2010


Nationality: Malaysian

First degree: Plant Biotechnology

Jobs after graduating: Initially consulting analyst in the healthcare department at Frost & Sullivan and currently consultant at Solidiance.

“Gaining the tendency of working hard, being more critical and getting more in charge of my future and accomplishing it for myself is what I’ve mastered from the course. On top of that, the contents of the course were definitely insightful, as I’ve built a sturdy biotechnology/pharmaceutical entrepreneurship foundation.

I am currently working as a consulting analyst in the healthcare department at Frost & Sullivan. The Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management MSc definitely helped me gain this job. I enjoyed working with business plans/strategies (group works is integral to the course) as it gave me some conceptual foundation for a lot of project related activities in the real-work world.

Apart from the knowledge that students gain from the course there is a continuous flow of guidance and encouragement from all lecturers and the course managers. In fact, I loved the small groups ….. as every student could get more attention. Also, everyone could convey their opinions and I learnt how to listen carefully, simultaneously initiating a knowledgeable discussion.

Studying at The University of Warwick was definitely unforgettable. I had an awesome time with a combination of some hard occasions that let me appreciate my life as a student at the same time not forgetting my future as a vital business.”


Betty Onimoe - Graduated in 2010


Nationality: Nigerian

First degree: Biology

First job after graduating: Trainee project manager and medical writer.

Current job: Project Manager at iS health group

“Warwick is the perfect place to study, as it is away from the city distractions and the environment is natural – trees and ponds.

I had to work very hard during the MSc, and this has made me very focussed and able to work under pressure.” The MSc helped me get my job “because with the MSc I was not focussed on a particular field. I was looking at different fields and found one that was really interesting. I currently work in Medical communications, our clients include: pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, biotechnology and medical devices companies. We manage projects for these clients, and also assist with their communication projects, such as medical writing and organizing meetings. I find it interesting, as no two days are the same. Yesterday I was helping out with organising a client meeting, and today I am working on a medical writing project.

I was a member of Warwick Volunteers; I learnt to swim and was a member of the Warwick Postgraduate student Society. It is very useful to get acquainted with everything the university has to offer, such as: Free IT courses; Swimming lessons – good instructors, if like me you have never swam before; Societies: Getting involved in extracurricular activities is not only good for you, but also for your job prospects. This is because employers are not only interested in your grades, but also in your social abilities – team work, organizational and communication skills; UNITEMPS – Very useful if you can find the time to manage a part-time job. I was able to manage mine only after the intense aspect of our class – that is when lectures were over”


Frances Ross - Graduated in 2010

Nationality: British

First degree: Biological Sciences

First job after graduating: Graduate Scheme of an IT company Compuware

Current job: UK Marketing Manager

"The best thing about Warwick was “the people and the variety of subjects/modules available. I have gained many transferable skills – presentation skills – both speaking and constructing presentations, essay writing skills and the ability to work by myself and in a group.”

The MSc helped me gain my job “I spoke about my dissertation in my interview and the modules and the sort of work I did over the year. My current job is marketing for a US based IT company- where we arrange events, conferences and partner projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa.”



Sangya Pundir - Graduated with Distinction in 2010


Nationality: Indian

First degree: Bioinformatics

First job after graduating: Project manager in a start-up healthcare consultancy

Current Job: User Experience Analyst, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Cambridge

"I came to the University of Warwick to study because of the unique mix of modules taught in this course. We studied some very interesting business modules and their application within the life science field. I particularly enjoyed the chance to speak to real entrepreneurs with hands on experience of the biotech market. This along with the business plan exercise helped me immensely in securing my first job.

While my bachelors course in Bioinformatics had a big role to play in securing my current job, the MSc was very important too! It helped demonstrate that I was interested in working on the business side of things. My role is very similar to that of a business analyst so the analytical subjects really helped, as did all the group work experience.

My class consisted of students from all parts of the world and I made some great friends. I learnt to work effectively with different groups of people which is a skill that I use every day in my professional life. I hope to further my career within the life science industry and the course has given me a great foundation to build on."